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  1. Kelsey

    It's a GIRL

    Thank you all! Both her and mom are doing wonderful
  2. Kelsey

    It's a GIRL

    Thank you all! Appreciate it!!!
  3. Kelsey

    It's a GIRL

    Thank you!
  4. Kelsey

    It's a GIRL

    IT'S A GIRL! Born 1/29/14 Our first foal of the year has arrived and it's a sorrel sabino overo filly. She is sired by C Me Fly of Avalon Farm's AKA "Taz". She is out of Fike's Cadillac Sensation. Name ideas welcome!
  5. Kelsey

    Hard mare to breed - suggestions?

    I have a maiden mare that I'm having the same issue with
  6. Kelsey

    Dead foals

    I ALMOST always have to break the sac on the minis. I think it is a weight thing as well as the minis are exhausted and just lay there rather then get up.
  7. Kelsey

    RIP Dell Tera's Checkers and Vandy's Smoke and Mirrors

    Thank you Riverrose. Checkers truly was an amazing horse and we lost a piece of history with him. I hope that with his one daughter and son I have left, they will carry on his legacy. I wish I had been able to see Checkers at Dell Tera Farm running with all his mares. I bet he was so happy...
  8. Kelsey

    RIP Dell Tera's Checkers and Vandy's Smoke and Mirrors

    Thank you all! Thank you Castle Rock. That was our thoughts exactly
  9. Kelsey

    RIP Dell Tera's Checkers and Vandy's Smoke and Mirrors

    thank you all for your kind words!! I know many of you can relate. So sorry for your loss REO. I know the feeling all too well.
  10. Kelsey

    RIP Dell Tera's Checkers and Vandy's Smoke and Mirrors

    I know some of you have already seen on facebook but not all of you are on there so I wanted to announce it here. About a week and a half ago, we lost our main stallion Dell Tera's Checkers. He was an amazing sire and so good with the foals. He was one of the original sire's at Dell Tera Ranch...
  11. Kelsey

    My color changing horse

    Silver black.
  12. Kelsey

    Sand clear and pregnant mare?

    Haven't ever used sand clear but we use pure psyllium powder husk every day. You shouldn't have an issue.
  13. Kelsey

    Working smaller minis? (Under 28") EDIT: New Pics Pg. 2

    No reason why she couldn't. Go for it I'm sure she will be much happier with a job anyways!
  14. Kelsey

    tie green filly or loose in trailer?

    always loose!
  15. Kelsey

    Dream's New Foaling Thread

    She has the typical older "broodmare" bag. She probably still has 30-40 days to go but we will be watching her.
  16. Kelsey

    RIP Luna

    We've been there as well So sorry for your loss.
  17. Kelsey

    Blue Eyes and Color genetics

    We've had dark blue eyes turn brown. That's pretty common but cream eyes are also born a lighter blue and darken. They are lighter than your typical dark blue-->brown transition. Our palomino filly had eyes that were so blue we almost thought they were going to stay and then they darkened.
  18. Kelsey

    News from the color testing lab

    We've had several horses test negative for sabino that are clearly sabino.
  19. Kelsey

    What Happened to My Mare?

    I agree
  20. Kelsey

    homozygous tobiano-colour experts

    Too many factors. You cannot predict how much white a foal will have. It will depend on the dam as well. The only thing you can predict is that it will be carrying one copy of tobiano from the sire.