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    Picture of my boy!

    He is LOVELY
  6. kassierae

    Favorite Coat Colors

    Yes! He's adorable!!
  7. kassierae

    Favorite Coat Colors

    I LOVE grullas. Especially the very light ones with distinct dun characteristics.
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    PtHA Registration Question

    My filly is a pinto without a doubt, however would it still be possible to register her PtHA even if her sire is a leopard? She expresses some sclera and mottling but other than that no appaloosa characteristics. I'm assuming the answer is no, however I figured I'd ask anyway!
  17. kassierae

    Is there a section for...?

    Yeah we have shows that loosely follow AMHR rules but aren't sanctioned, plus we also have other show circuits that have added mini classes looking for more people.
  18. kassierae

    Is there a section for...?

    I meant here on the forum itself, I don't see a for sale section, just a wanted section. Unless I'm blind and missing it? Lol
  19. kassierae

    Introduction & Tips

    Welcome! I am not new to horses but new to minis, my biggest tip would be to just HAVE FUN and enjoy your horse.
  20. kassierae

    Is there a section for...?

    Suggestions or show advertising? I'd like to post about upcoming shows in our area and meet new people, but not sure where I can do this at lol