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    National Futurity

    Thanks guys, sorry if that was a somewhat personal question. I don't plan on showing this baby as a weanling, just too young. I'm mainly nominating her (I'm being hopeful) for the driving futurity, Mom's a Rhoten's Little Dandy daughter. Thanks again.
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    National Futurity

    I was doing my National Futurity nominations yesterday (just 1 mare) I have nominated horses before but never actually shown them in the National Futurity. So I'm curious....what's the range for the payouts for the national futurity?
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    This is going to be a hot topic..............Regional Shows

    I think at a regional shows they should offer both. Espically for people like you Rob who have both minis and shetlands (and so many people do nowdays) who want to be able to show minis and ponies at one show.
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    Best Winter Blankets

    Well it's almost that time to be getting ready for show season, and I'm shopping for a VERY heavy winter blanket for my new gelding. Up here in MN it gets pretty cold, espically in May at the beginning of show season. So which blankets do you like the best? What ones are the warmest?
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    Youth Age Deadline

    I was just wondering what the age cut off is for youth, is it under 18 by Dec 1st or Dec 31st? My 18th birthday is on Dec 8th so I hoping to squeak in another year of youth.
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    Modern shetlands

    I have that modern "itch" too. :bgrin You guys all have very nice horses, anyone want to trade I have Boone's Little Andy granddaught for sale :
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    We finally have a website..and I'm looking for feedback

    Oh I love it! It was fun to read about the horses that we don't see at shows. It looks great!
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    Please help - newbie wanting to show in WI

    Well since you asked... I'll have 3 of my own there and will probably be showing some of Sam Barth's horses as well. Here is Winning Color's Hijacker SOS: Liberty over, Halter Sr geldings over, country pleasure driving over, as well as youth classes Oneka's Liberachi: Liverty over, Halter...
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    Please help - newbie wanting to show in WI

    Shawano is a great show and lots of fun! We'll be there this year as well.
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    Well it depends on the kind of pony you're getting. I drive all of my minis as well as Saddlebreds and Hackney ponies. There is more of a difference between a horse and a pony mainly in stride length and how fast things can change. But between a mini and a pony it's really just a different type...
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    Show me your bred mares that are...

    Wow talk about the perfect example of the "v" belly. My only one this year is due in JULY!! I cannot believe people are having foals already! Winter just began for us in MN! I love that first pic of the white/grey mare above!
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    Shaving Head to the shoulder

      Oh how I dream of 70 degree weather...I believe it's in the teens here and we have about 5 inches of snow. I want summer back!
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    GQs appointment today

    Oh Lyn I'm so sorry you are going through this with GQ, I hope that all will turn out well.
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    Worms-Don't ASSUME your safe!

    What about daily de-wormers? I haven't used it before but some of the horses where I work do...would they help?
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    Watch Your Mailboxes

    I got mine too! Send A Message SOS (avatar): 6th in open halter mares 30"-32" and 8th in Youth Pleasure driving under
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    I finally got him...

    With his color you could (in my opinon) dominate the solid color classes. I love the black-to-light-to-bay coloring on his legs. Good luck with him.
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    Bay's with Dapples ...

    Well here's my baby girl CK's Dynasty's Ginger Cream (deceased) no she's not bay but she had tons of dapples...(sigh) I wish I could see her today.
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    How old to drive?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of driving! But might I first sugguest sending him to a trainer so both your stud and you can learn how to drive safely. (by your post I'm assuming you don't drive?) This way your horse will get started properly, even the most well behaved horse when hooked to a...
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    How can I find out if my filly is Arenosa or not??

    I'm pretty sure he's not.
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    Good Luck in your new position! Goodbye from the midwest! (MN)