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    December GAME OVER!!

    Robin are you getting my messages? Debbie
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    December GAME OVER!!

    81 for me!
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    2 steps forward, 3 steps back

    Marsha I am so very sorry. I don't know at my age if I could do anything different. Trey is so reliable that training another seem out of my range. Good luck and if he doesn't work out as a driving horse then I hope for your sake you let him go and fine something else.....
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    Mini horse trailers?

    Mine is tall enough that I just walk him in and clip the tie. Since I only have one mini I have taken out the center divider and Trey loves the room. Debbie
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    Mini horse trailers?

    Believe it or not my trailer (that is a current picture) is a 1996 model. I am the third owner and I have all the paper work. The second owner purchase it from a California person, drove it to Colorado with one mini and never used it again. It is like new inside and out! It was custom made and...
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    Mini horse trailers?

    Robin I didn't know you had a trailer similar to mine. I love my trailer. The manufacture is G & F Horse Trailers out of California. I only have one mini and my husband made me a rack for my cart. I only use the rack when I pull the trailer with the van. However, when pulling it with the truck I...
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    Remy "Frolicking"

    Oh My Gosh He is cute! Thanks for sharing!
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    I pick 81!
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    Good Books

    Lee Child the Jack Reacher series, Nevada Barr the Anne Pigeon series, Blake Crouch. All good reads
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    Snow Days

    Marsha I can not believe how cold it is in March in Oklahoma. In Colorado Mike is dealing with the hardest winter that we have had up there.
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    Snow Days

    Mike and I built the barn and Mike is quite the mason. That is stone along with pine from our local mill. The barn is wonderful!
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    Snow Days

    While in Oklahoma, working at the Tax Office, my poor non-horsey but great husband is taking care of critters. I was thinking is was cold here in Oklahoma, 18 degrees,to only find out that Mike was dealing with -5 and a foot of snow in Colorado. Enjoy the pictures of my mini Trey, who loves the...
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    What harness are you using?
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    For everyone who don't know us! :)

    Welcome to the forum and the miniature horse world. Your minis are looking great! It is wonderful that you take such good care of these wonderful minis. On another note. I don't understand how you could rescue anything, miniature horses, horses, dogs, cats etc, and say that you will breed them...
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    LB Find the foals game!

    In the mail Friday I received the most wonderful prize! Four embroidered silk horses. The prize is above and beyond anything I could have imagine! Thanks Lois and Robin!! Debbie Goad
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    LB Find the foals game!

    Thanks Robin I was married in 1981 so I always use that number when I can. Debbie Goad
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    LB Find the foals game!

    81 Please!
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    Where are you located?? Let's get together for a drive!

    THIS is a great thread! I am in Canon City Colorado. Debbie
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    Duncan, OK Horse Fair

    Marsha I have been but it has been 5 years. There were not any miniature horse vendors at that time. I did enjoy it however. When is it this year? Debbie Goad
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    Help me name this colt please!

    How about: ROKO PKA Back to Basics "Dane" ROKO PKA Indelible Ink ROKO PKA Nightline "Dan" ROKO PKA Notable "Note"