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  1. J

    Foal ESCAPE - help needed

    They will eat mommas manure Usually about 10 days to 2 wks old... but my babies seem to start at just a few days old... NORMAL.. but EEWWWWW!
  2. J

    Foal ESCAPE - help needed

    Congratulations on a healthy baby!!!... your vet will want to look at the placenta to make sure it is completely out of the mare. To post a photo you need to go to the little picture (looks like a little green tree in the middle of the second row above) click on it and then put youre photo URL...
  3. J

    Your Experienced With White Milk

    An update.. hope you have a healthy foal by now!!!
  4. J

    Breeding Maidens

    I have had a few maidens be quite uncooperative when a stallion got anywhere near.... UNTIL they experienced their first success ;) I always hand breed, and my stallions know if they are not polite... they go for a long walk. And there was one mare I tried through several cycles, she was just...
  5. J

    Colic prone horse, need help- (long post)

    Most DEFINITELY would treat him for Ulcers. I have treated a few horses with 2 wks of ulcerguard or gastroguard 1/4 or 1/5 tube a day for the two weeks... then Progressive Soothing Pink daily.... I have had some horses with various symptoms all respond very positively to this. The smartpak...
  6. J


    I USUALLY start clipping a few in April...but last year we had a cold spring... and this year the endless winter...... But... as soon as they start being miserable during the days... when we have a solid spurt of anything in the 70's I will clip and blanket at night. May is usually when the...
  7. J

    AMHA new Halter Stock Horse Division!

    I have been privileged to be part of this process and certainly look forward to seeing how things progress from here... and yes... I said progress! I feel this IS PROGRESS! It may have a few bumps along the way, but think of the possibilities. For 2014, a year of BEGINNING for this new area...
  8. J

    AMHA new Halter Stock Horse Division!

    Jody, I am sorry you feel this way...Here are some of the issues we looked at. First of all, there are very few AMHA horses that can compete in the classes with the ultra refined, extreme type that they are pinning. Since they feel they can't compete they don't come... we hope this will draw...
  9. J

    Who do you think has the best miniature "Arabian" face?

    We had several foals with what I think is are outstanding heads... Arabian??? I don't know... I just think they are beautiful American Miniature Horse heads
  10. J

    Round pen owners BEWARE!!!! Injured horse~~

    I lost a beautiful yearling filly last year in a mini round pen panel. I have graphic photos ... her leg was almost torn off...when I found her she was still alive but barely... It was horrible. Do I still use the panels, yes.. but am I more careful with how I use them... Definitely. Unreal...
  11. J

    Weaning by the Almanac

    Thanks, YUP... we do cold turkey here.... babies stay up where they are comfortable and have been... Mommas go to the back of the farm... they can't see or hear each other... works great!
  12. J

    Weaning by the Almanac

    Back from AMHA Worlds and a VERY successful show ... NOW time to think about the NEXT item on my agenda. Weaning foals. Does anyone have the dates from the Printed Version of the Farmers Almanac for Oct/Nov Weaning? Hoping it is soon so I can get my little babies that have been sold weaned...
  13. J

    Martin's Fall Auction

    YES!!! it is WONDERFUL... lots of really nice carts and also sleighs... I hope to be able to go again this year. I haven't had a chance to look at the catalog yet... but anyone who wants to come to the sale is also invited to visit our farm only about 15 min down the road from the auction.
  14. J

    Twisted Cord

    We lost our first foal... a filly about 3 wks ago. The cord was twisted tight. I did a culture on the mare the other day.... there was no infection, so we are sure the twisted cord is what caused the foal to die prior to delivery. I have photos of the cord... pm me or email me if you would...
  15. J

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Lovely foals.... congrats to everyone. Especially thrilled with the Absolut fillies, so lovely and upright... since my Absolut filly is due any day. It will be by the stallion in my avatar, Reflections Beyond Stardom 29 1/4 Homozygous Black and white Stallion out of my Absolut Daughter...
  16. J

    AMHA Annual Meeting in Orlando Florida

    The American Miniature Horse Association Annual Meeting is being held in Orlando Florida February 16-19. This is where your voice can be heard and YOU can make a difference. At this meeting you have the opportunity to hear, discuss and VOTE for very important matters that affect all AMHA...
  17. J

    The things you learn

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your filly. Sounds like you were on top of everything, who would have guessed it was something so serious. My heart goes out to you. Julie
  18. J

    I Can't Stop Crying

    Thank you all for your prayers and kind words. I have had a rough day. I have photos of her leg, I just can't even imagine that a fence panel could do something like this. I wanted to see her leg without tears and panic... It is so hard to think of her in such pain. But it was clear to me...
  19. J

    I Can't Stop Crying

    I can't stop crying. I went out to feed this evening and everything looked "odd" up in the shelter where several mares and fillies are turned out. I had used some of the mini gate panels in the paddock, the kind that are like round pen panels and a "pin" secures the panels top and bottom by...
  20. J

    I've lost another one

    Oh Parmela.. I am so, so sorry...