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  1. HGFarm

    Horse For Sale A/R blanketed Appy filly

    I am offering a 2022 chestnut Appy filly with a blanket. She is friendly, halter broke, up to date on farrier, worming.... She is registered AMHA and AMHR. Stormy was foaled March 29, 2022. She is very friendly and loves attention. She is correct in every way. She carries one copy of PATN...
  2. HGFarm

    Why do 2 my horses have visable spine and hip bones...

    What kind of Purina Feed? If it's the Mini horse feed, I dont know anyone who has had much luck with that at all. I would add some alfalfa to their diet for needed protein, as long as their fecal is ok and teeth have been checked and floated if needed. A study many years ago showed that Minis...
  3. HGFarm


    If on a diet you still have trouble with her staying fat (make sure it's not just winter hair), I highly recommend you have her thyroid checked with a blood test. It's not expensive, nor is the medication. Without it, she will just stay fat on 'air'.
  4. HGFarm

    Feeding alfalfa

    I'm joining in late on this conversation but wanted to add my experiences. I, and the majority of the Southwest US feeds alfalfa. It's been done for decades- 5 decades now for my own horses over the years. I have never had a horse with a bad reaction to it, or stones. I know one farm over...
  5. HGFarm

    Expecting for 2018?

    Who all is already excited about their foals coming in 2018? How many are you expecting and who are sire and dam? I have two foals coming sired by my red leopard CR Lakota Renegade, who is a National, Regional and World Top Ten. He's a son of Carousel Designer Legacy. The mares are an Appy...
  6. HGFarm

    Easy Entry carts.. ?

    I never should have sold my old Frontier cart, but I was not using it, so I did. Now I need another easy entry cart and have NO idea what brands nowadays are even worthwhile. Anyone have any suggestions for finding a good quality one- not those made in China - and who carries decent ones now?
  7. HGFarm

    Post/Share your 2016 Mini Horse Foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    Ok I guess I will start this off! Arrived on February 23, 2016, a tiny colt sired by Bar B A Little Bit Classic and out of Bar B Precious Me, both Appaloosas. He has white sclera and like the rest of his family members, will likely color out. He is double bred Brewers Classic Supreme (multi...
  8. HGFarm

    Nail test on mares!

    Well I have to laugh at this year's results... here was what was predicted... Fillies for Nutmeg, Kitty and Duchess Colts for Delite and Stardust. It was all just the OPPOSITE. Only don't know about Kitty as I lost her and the foal during foaling- vet could not get the foal out at all. So I...
  9. HGFarm

    Breeding question

    Welcome to Minis! I too will add my two cents worth. They are both way too young to be bred. Three is the earliest that I would ever consider breeding a mare and two for a stallion, and that is pushing it. Also, I will tell you that after decades of big horses, breeding Minis is not for the...
  10. HGFarm

    Kandi Crow...she's still at it/at it again.

    OMG, again. I figured this would happen. They think they can be sneaky and no one will know. We have had a couple of cases here in this state too in the last year... just awful. One has horses of all sizes and breeds farmed out everywhere so they didnt get them all. I wish they had stricter...
  11. HGFarm

    Jewels color...thoughts on color possibilities?

    If she has Appy characteristics (white sclera, any mottled skin..) she could end up a snowflake or a varnish. If she has no characteristics, she will not color.
  12. HGFarm

    Underweight mare

    I would have her teeth checked first of all. I have mine checked every year by an equine dentist starting at one year. If they don't need anything, he doesn't charge to check them. I would up the mare's alfalfa. I have not known many that cared for the Mini/Pony feed and some whose horses...
  13. HGFarm

    Does anyone have photos of body clipped minis? I have a Color dilemma...

    Clipping removes most of the rich color on a horses coat. I had one that was a pretty deep chestnut, who when clipped, looked peach!!
  14. HGFarm

    How far along is my Mini?

    There is no way of telling how far along she is. The prior owners don't know breeding dates? Every mare carries their foals differently- and some mares are not consistent when they are pregnant either.... I had one one year that didn't show at all- really wasn't sure she was pregnant until...
  15. HGFarm

    Post/Share your 2015 Mini Horse Foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    After a really rough start to the season this year, I am loving the three foals here at the farm. In late March, a black and white Appy filly arrived, sired by fewspot DRK Spotanious Combustion and out of a D & S and Sonoita bred mare. Just a few days later, a chestnut colt with Appy...
  16. HGFarm

    GMO Rant

    Don't even get me started on GMO or any kind of genetically altered products, hormones, antibiotics in our meats, etc.... This is a really really touchy subject for me. All I can say is, for those that have not seen the documentary Food Inc, do it. It's the tip of the iceberg regarding what...
  17. HGFarm

    Washington State is Now Safer - Gun Control

    I dont know why people continue to think that passing more gun laws is going to make crime stop!!! The only affect it has ever had is to cause crime to go up. More needs to be done for people with mental health issues and stricter laws on the criminals and mentally ill that commit the crimes...
  18. HGFarm

    Locking Stifle

    I also agree to never breeding a horse with this problem. I have seen other cases with those that have and at times the issue was passed to the offspring- a couple so bad they were put down- and the breeder kept breeding the same animals. Hope you can get your's fixed up and I am sure the...
  19. HGFarm

    Question about horse transport

    I dont know- I have heard people getting HUGE differences in price quotes, just depending on what transporter you ask.
  20. HGFarm

    Coming to Heather Glen Farm.....

    Oh great Deb!!! Please let me know what you have! Which mare is it? How exciting!