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    Horse For Sale Free to 4-H home, Two mini's available

    Today I receive my official 4-H training. I attended a club (zoom) meeting last week. It was fun to say the 4-H pledge again. Now I am committed to helping the club leader, and I still have the mini's! It's funny how this turned out. I was looking for another volunteer opportunity...
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    I Need Help in Decision About Keeping My Mini

    I have a studdy gelding. I have thought he would be useful at a breeding facility, to get the mare ready for the stallion. But, he's never mean. He was nippy, too., but I think I cured him of that, at least to me. He likes to give my butt a nip when I am picking hooves, it feels just like a...
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    Horse For Sale Free to 4-H home, Two mini's available

    I have not found any takers for the mini's yet, but I am getting closer. I have passed 4-H background check, filled out the application and now I am waiting for training. There is a horse only 4-H club in my area that I will be assisting with and refreshing my knowledge of 4-H and learning how...
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    Horse For Sale Free to 4-H home, Two mini's available

    I signed up to volunteer and when I hear back from the local county extension service, I am going to inquire about starting a 4-H Club! I would love to give a child an opportunity to be involved with 4-H. 4-H has grown a lot since I was kid and now even offer the STEM education. It's a pretty...
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    A little bit worried about Cushings

    When I first got the mini's, I thought the mare was too slow to shed and I shaved her, which she seemed to enjoy. The next year, I was too lazy to shave her and she eventually shed out completely. There is so much hair! The birds can't even use it all lol The vet thought she should be checked...
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    Horse For Sale Free to 4-H home, Two mini's available

    I have two mini's that I am ready to rehome to a 4-H home, either in Pierce or Kitsap County, Washington State. I have had them almost 5 years and I love them to pieces, but I don't think they are getting the attention they deserve. They both would be great little 4-H projects. They look good...
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    What kind of stalls would you get?

    Wonderful old barn, maybe constructed in a "barn raising"?
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    Rescue or breed?

    I believe rescues are grateful. My registered Shetland is a witch with a B.
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    Rescue or breed?

    Donkey braying would be hilarious! Yes, having them close is a blessing. Not only the enjoyment of watching them, but also keeping an eye on what they are doing. I have about an acre fenced with trees and bushes and there are 5 in the herd, two goats, two mini's and a Shetland. I love the mini's...
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    Rescue or breed?

    Jack is black gelding. Lollipop gives rides and allows herself to be painted by the kids.
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    Rescue or breed?

    I goofed up my reply, so I added photo of Lollipop taken just now. When they all get hungry, they stare in the window at me. I wave and blow kisses to them.
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    Rescue or breed?

    I grew up in a horse family. I remember the birthing of foals. I remember the smell of the placenta and I haven't smelled one in 50 years. I remember how STRESSED my mother was, watching, waiting, sleeping in the barn. I remember the delight of a new foal and being allowed to handle them, as it...
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    What is causing Diarrhea?

    Marsha, What form of aloe vera and how do you feed it?
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    What is causing Diarrhea?

    1 scoop for 250lb mare. This is a mare that I tried everything with. There are other threads where I posted that I made probiotics and they did seem to help, but then the runs came again. All paths (laminitis, ulcers, etc) lead to Ph balance in the gut. I knew if I could get that right, she...
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    What is causing Diarrhea?

    I deal with a mini with diarrhea. If it gets really runny, I pull her off hay and feed soaked beet pulp, teff pellets and EQUINE CHIA. That is my new discovery that I think helps. She hasn't gotten watery runs since I got chia seeds. If it's just soft, I keep up teff hay and feed a little...
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    Driving pony bad behavior

    Ha! Very similar to my experience buying a pony "roadsafe" and "broke to drive". She acts like she has never seen a cart before. I tracked down the trainer, a well-known, reputable trainer with vintage carts and teams that show at the fair. She recommended putting the pony in the harness and...
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    Sold Pony cart for sale, fits Shetland

    I have a cart up for auction You can arrange shipping from Enumclaw, WA
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    Hi from Washington State

    Welcome to the site. I am in Washington state also, (near Gig Harbor) and own 2 mini's. This is a great resource! For me, finding good teff hay is one of the biggest challenges, recommended feed due to low sugar content. One of my mini's is too fat, the other can't tolerate certain hay types...
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    Cushing and diet

    I had a vet suggest my mare had Cushing's. She doesn't and I knew it. I think he wanted to sell me the required meds. I don't use that vet anymore, and I am not accusing your vet of anything, but I think they don't know a lot about horse gut problems. I started feeding that same mare homemade...
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    Everything about those photos is so lovely, thanks for sharing.! The cart looks nice, too and I love the dog hitching a ride!