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    Little mare doing better

    I’m so sorry Spottedmini. These little horses are part of our lives and it’s very hard when things go so wrong. 🙏
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    Bentley’s Training

    Bentley is a fast learner isn’t he? 🤩 His progress is a good indicator of how well your program is working! I really like the variety of skills and the short sessions, they seem to meet the need to engage attention yet not exhaust him mentally - like us - short bursts of info and simple...
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    How's the Weather ?

    Right this minute, our temperature is 0 degrees. 🥶 It will warm up to about 30 degrees then creep up to 40 degrees with rain and snow Thursday through Friday. Finally, on Monday, we may see our first 45 degrees since last year. 😂
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    Pony Express - van conversion

    That looks comfortable! You and your hubby have been working on this for awhile and it is fun to see it all develop. Happy trails to you and roll em roll em roll em! (We like westerns 🤣)
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    Wheee! Driving hours 2023

    That sounds like a good drive for everyone with an exciting dash home, plus kudos to Pepper for staying close and being neighborly! I think you were a brave driver to canter/gallop - my preferred speed is slow and boring. 😂 Then again it’s been so long since my DD has been hitched, I barely...
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    Meet Kingsley

    Welcome Kingsley! I do love those dark bay horses, and he is pretty! 😍 I also, however, love every other color out there in the horse world!😉 Hard to tell from a photo, of course, but he looks calm and thoughtful! Wishing you all many happy years!!
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    I love Breezy admiring the river. 😊 Sounds like those poor dogs were abandoned?🤨 Really enjoy the beautiful parks you share via your videos, armchair travels! 😉
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    Perreault Parade Ponies

    Begosh and begorrah, ladies! ☘️☘️ 😂 You all look like you are having fun, plus looking fabulous!
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    New farm!

    The history of your farm is simply fascinating. The workshop looks excellent, not to mention just plain cute! If they eventually lay green and red eggs you really need to post that here! ;)
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    New farm!

    Yes! Build a hen house! Fresh eggs ahead for you! 🥚🍳 😁
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    HPR 2023 Foals!

    Congratulations! He is a big handsome boy and mom is so pretty!
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    Crimson Rose Training Journal

    Wonderful photo. A child and a pony just enjoying each other. 😍
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    Plus 1 🤣

    That was an interesting photo shoot, Kelly, thank you! Hope he feels better quickly and enjoys all of his new adventures in the MiniMobile. ☺️ Bentley, Stormy, and Breezy will have a lot to talk about! 😂
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    Edelweiss Training Journal

    You two look terrific together! Apple looks like he is handling the terrain very well. Love your cart and the big wheels! Interesting info on the Saddlebred/Dutch horse crosses! Fascinating how horse conformation cycles through different ideas of ‘perfect’, according to people. I like substance...
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    Edelweiss Training Journal

    Dream and Star are beautiful ponies. It really isn’t funny when you have to deal with it, but I did laugh at Dream’s default solution to life not going her way! 😂 Your photos of the action your big guy has are wonderful. I’m smitten! 😍 He reminds me of a Saddlebred at the barn when I was a...
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    How's the Weather ?

    Love reading about gardens planted and beginning to bloom! Signs of Spring 💕 We are again expecting heavy wet snow today through tonight anywhere from 2“-4”. Then the temp is going to plummet and tomorrow morning will be -4, leaving us with lots of ice covered roads.
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    My donkey friends

    PS. 😂 I forgot to ask you about your donkey’s name, Jeffrey, if I remember right? It got me thinking about donkey names, as I’ve not met a donkey that didn’t have a ‘people’ name. There is a respected donkey ranch in southern MN and I believe all of their donkeys carry typical people names...
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    My donkey friends

    The rope is a good idea HM, and it is terrific you can visit before he comes home! chandab has a good idea about the hay pellets. I’m truly embarrassed to admit this, but Madelaine has been a member of our family since 2014 and I’ve tried every treat under heaven with her and gotten nowhere...
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    Plus 1 🤣

    Congratulations! He is a heart throb with those baby blues! 😍
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    How's the Weather ?

    Ugh, I totally understand all of that Roadtoad! We have more snow coming tonight but nothing like you just had! Our winter snow total to date is something like 100 inches. Duluth wins at 116 inches to date. Winter has been rough from coast to coast this year!