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    Bloodlines & Broodmares

    EXCELLENT Post Andrea/Disneyhorse. I was going to reply to this topic, but you stated and explained everything so perfectly! Definitely nice of you take the time to share so much good information with a newbie!
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    Reece family auction

    Yup she is vet checked in foal :aktion033: We don't have pictures of the stud she is bred too, Little Kings Cowboy Buckeroo (Buckeroo Son), but would love to see pics also if anyone has them.
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    Reece family auction

    Here is a pic of lot #60. Taken just after we got her home. Thank you Nancy :aktion033: :aktion033: We weren't looking to buy but just couldn't pass her up since she is a sister of one of our favorite broodmares, Senorita. : : :bgrin And here is a pic of her sister, Senorita. We...
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    AMHR Nationals Youth Eligibility Question

    We heard this weekend that a horse also has to qualify to show in their open class (4 judges - 2 shows) in order to be elgible to show youth. Not sure if anyone else has heard this.
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    Mini Auctions in North East??

    I know it's not in one of the surrounding states of PA, but there will be an auction August 11, in Fletcher NC (where they have the July 4th show every year) that we will have some of our horses in. We will be posting more information on it at our website or you can send us an email if you...
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    New England AMHR rated show?

    We'd definitely try to make it. We're in New England quite often so could probably make the show if we know the date in advance. sphynx~n~minis, congrats on Oscar. I've always liked that boy!!
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    Mini Horse sale, Oct. 14, 2006, Thurmont, Md.

    Did anyone go to this sale today? Was just wondering how it went and if there were many horses.
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    Where in the World is Flat Lotto

    I would never stir up trouble. I was just doing what I was asked to do. Flat Lotto is home with the real Lotto and wasn't planning to stop by Nationals again. His brother was hoping to get to visit with him again. Bob BTW: Aren't you suppose to be in Tulsa right now : :saludando: ...
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    Where in the World is Flat Lotto

    I just received a call from the AMHR Nationals that Flat Lotto's brother is looking for him and is wondering if he will be returning again. It is of the upmost importance that they see each other again. Bob
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    AMHR NAT Show

    You won't meet a nicer family than John and his parents. My son James helps show their horses for them when we see them at the Delaware or New York show. I wish you luck with your gelding. He is really nice.
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    Does CMHR have a booth at the Equine Affaire?

    Their website is If you have pamplets or anything I would think they would be more than happy to get the information out about the existence of CMHR.
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    Does CMHR have a booth at the Equine Affaire?

    NEMHS (New England Miniature Horse Society) usually has a booth at the Equine Affaire every year. I'm sure if you contact someone there they would be happy to put information out at their booth. They are always looking for additional people to assist with working at the booth. I'm not sure...
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    Silver Jubilee roll call

    Can someone tell me where I can get the show bill for the show?
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    James, Kicks & Absolut are heading for Texas right now too. I'm hating to miss it, but I'm here on foal watch. Our mares still aren't due for a bit, but just in case. We just took some new pics of Absolut when he was leaving. It's really tough to see him heading out He's awesome (although...
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    What color is he?

    I'd have to say this guy is most definitely carrying silver, but telling what else is there for coloring is difficult. It seems like the sun is affecting his body coloring also. I would guess liver chestnut with silver, or a very deep bay with silver maybe as his base coloring since he appears...
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    Would you breed to a stallion?

    There you go .... a great checklist of definites. If I had a horse, stallion or mare, that was not a full dwarf, but kept producing them, I'd have to consider pulling myself from the breeding aspect of minis more importantly than pulling those horses. I'd obviously be breeding without enough...
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    Would you breed to a stallion?

    Kudos to Tagalong, Margo CT & runamuk. I don't need to do too much typing now Awesome posts. Also, the quotes from large, long time breeders like Tony & Little King...priceless information. There are many on here denying any dwarf genetics in their programs. I don't think that claim can be...
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    OH KAREN......where's your news?

    Congratulations Karen and Sam. You guys deserve it. James was so excited when he called home today. Little Miss is a very nice horse. Hopefully Liz got some good shots of her at the show.
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    Upcoming Ocala Shows

    Today the junior stallions showed in the morning. Our yearling colt took a Grand, shown by James. Tim Pearson had a nice yearling colt there that took 2 firsts in his open and James showed a colt for Reece, Iniki, who took a first in a very large weanling colt class. James said there are alot...
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    Hawk Trailers

    Reece Family Miniature's show trailer is a Hawk. I think they used a dealer in Delaware.