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    $3 Mission of Thanks; Thank you all SO much!!

    Hi, I almost forgot this year and I did forget last year! I don't get to the forum much anymore ! So Here's my 100.00 donation. Happy Thanksgiving ! I will be sending it paypal. Hopefully it will qualify for the double 10.00 match. Can someone send me th epaypal info. Thanks, Dawn Vintage Farms
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    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    I am thankful for family and friends and my four legged kids. Also Thankful for CMHR and the work they do. Just a thought, I dont get to the forum much anymore, but do remember this event so make a point of checking in . Has anyone posted on the sales board about this "mission" ? I think there...
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    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    Just sent a pay pal for 150.00. Couldnt resist adding more its just to good a deal. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    Awesome, Now I just have to figure out who I want done.. I would also like to add another 50.00 to the double your donation thats going on right now. Should i pay pal it all at once or seperate ?
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    CMHR $3 Mission: Ozark Dec. Donation PG. 29

    Please put Vintage Farms bid for the charcoal painting at 75.00. Thanks.
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    Pinto registry question

    Thanks for the info. I am very Excited to confirm what i had thought about Boleros color and maye get him registered pinto.
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    Pinto registry question

    Hi, I have a quick Question, My Stallion was recently tested for the Lethal White Gene and he does have it. He is A solid Bay with some face white and a blue eye. Can he now be registered pinto, even if he does not have the required amount of white? Thanks, Dawn
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    Updates from the Sea-Tac show?

    What a great Show it was, Here is one of our Bolero Fillies Basse Danse. This was the first year in like 17 years that Summer wasnt handling our Horses, It was a really wierd feeling to be watching with her from the stands ! Thanks for handling them Heather, you did a great job. Congrats to...
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    Your Invited, Driving Practice ...McMinnville Oregon

    Thanks ! We have folks say they are coming. It should be a great time.
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    Your Invited, Driving Practice ...McMinnville Oregon

    Your Invited, Driving Practice ...McMinnville Oregon. This Saturday from 1:30 to 4:30. Located at the fairgrounds main arena.[Where the NWMHC has the mini mac show] All minis and their people are welcome to join us for a day of practice. This gives folks a chance to get thier minis ready for...
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    New trailer...

    We made this for our cargo trailer and it also worked perfect in our Toy hauler, We made many trips to Texas that way. It can be easily moved between the two. In the hauler it left a nice isle way to still have access from the back to the front, with John and the wheelchair we needed to have...
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    New trailer...

    Hi Linda, We have our old insert, that you could have if it fits. It was our original and i LOVE it, it does need work though. It fit in a 5x10 cargo trailer had a three stall slant load, upper shelf over two stalls and left room for another horse on the back side of it. I can get you a photo...
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    NW people, NWMHC members...

    Hi I could be wrong but i think the Portia clinic just requires you to be a NWMHC club member, and is open to all horses. The Schooling show was canceled because for some reasons the date wasnt open at the facility. Also for those of you that want to join us I have rented the main Arena at...
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    Happy Thanksgiving from $3 Mission of Thanks

    We would like to donate 50.00 and if there are any gify cards that we would recieve we would like to donate them also. We will paypal tonight Thanks Dawn Sayles Vintage Farms
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    *UPDATE*Proud Mommy!

    Cute Summer, You know how much i like my picture out there !! :DOH!
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    WOW, and double WOW, total pg. 31

    We would like to donate 100.00 and if there are gift cards left can we donate that also? Thanks Dawn
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    Our New Boy

    Hi Bill, We hope you are enjoying your New Boy, and hope to see you guys again soon. Dawn & Summer
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    To bald or not to bald?

    Hi, Here is a picture of what your boy could look like with a show clip. This was done the day of the show.
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    OMG!! Horse with MY breeding is NAT'L CH.!!!

    Hi Linda, I couldnt find the original email, but did find these results. Op - Pleasure Driving, B Miniature 1 Mtm Talents Tennessee Romance / Angela Holmes / Angela Holmes 2 Charisma Spots Agold / Joni L Osborn / Joni L Osborn 3 Hcm Deals Red Alert / Sally S...
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    OMG!! Horse with MY breeding is NAT'L CH.!!!

    Linda, Congrats... He is also a pinto world Champion in a couple things, one was driving if i remember correctly. We got an email from his new owner with his results. Since Summer trained him to drive she sent us the win info. I emailed you through lil e-mail to tell you but never heardback...