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  1. targetsmom

    Birthing issues are how common? And need input...

    My foaling issues may be legend on this forum from 2005-2011 or so. We had just about every foaling issue there was, starting with a "false" pregnancy (no foal after confirmed pregnancy and bagging up etc), lost a foal at 9 months gestation with a breech presentation that sent her to hospital...
  2. targetsmom

    Getting mini to slow down before jumping

    We have one that rushes because he LOVES to jump so much so we make him trot AROUND the jumps and then reward him for staying with the handler by allowing him to jump. It will take time, but this should eventually train him to stay with you. Hope your knee improves: I am in my 70's and pulled a...
  3. targetsmom

    RIP Maggie

    OMG, I just hopped on here (LB) to see what is going on and get the sad news about Maggie. I am SO sorry - I remember all your posts. RIP Maggie.
  4. targetsmom

    missing members

    I just checked in today for the first time in months. I am getting older but still very much involved with the minis, except we did stop breeding. So now training, showing and sharing. I think the biggest change is not to the forum but that many of us are on Facebook, and just can't check...
  5. targetsmom

    y'all remember Leia?

    Friends (she has lots!) are trying to help her set up a way for even more people to help her and Drew. Stay tuned.
  6. targetsmom

    y'all remember Leia?

    Prayers sent from here too, for her and others who are having to evacuate very quickly tonight. One FB friend is cut off from her barn where her horses are. I can't imagine what they are going through. I posted a notice on FB where those at Nationals are apt to see it so they can add their...
  7. targetsmom

    Growth Rate of Horse Tail?

    I am not sure about 2" per month but we have to trim most of ours regularly so they don't drag on the ground and we take off about 2" when we do that. Maybe more like 6 weeks. Not all of them grow at that rate, but most of our 12 do.
  8. targetsmom

    Rest In Peace my Finnley

    Another one who doesn't get on here very often and just read the sad news. I am SO sorry about Finn. I remember him and also how much you helped "mare stare" when our foals were expected. We literally couldn't have done it without you!
  9. targetsmom

    Thick neck

    I wonder if the thick neck is not just due to his being a stallion but could he also be insulin resistant? That can cause a heavy crest which often just looks like a "thick neck". If that is the case a supplement with Magnesium and chromium such as Quiessence or Remission will help, as will a...
  10. targetsmom

    Magnesium and Lyme Disease

    Thank you for that info!! FYI, Remission also contains high levels of Magnesium and chromium and I feed that to my insulin resistant mare to help reduce the risk of founder.
  11. targetsmom

    The Buisiness Side Of Breeding

    We had a business plan when we started that showed we could make a tiny bit of money from just breeding. But that was assuming we could sell foals for what we were paying for our breeding stock (around $5,000 each) and not having THOUSANDS in vet fees and hospitalizations each and every year...
  12. targetsmom

    Looking for English style mini halters for Hunter/Jumper class

    I get mine from Star Lake Tack as the Pinto Association requires PLAIN LEATHER halters for hunter or jumper.
  13. targetsmom

    Lessons with minis - do they exist?

    We met someone at a local show that now works for us and shows our minis too. We are thinking about expanding our 4-H "Open Barns" (that have very poor turnout) to interested adults. I want to keep my amateur status so don't plan to charge.
  14. targetsmom

    Reserved my "name"

    Our farm is On Target Miniatures LLC and registered with our state as such. Named after my big horse "Target" who I owned from 1994 until he died in 2011. Our prefix "OTM" is registered with AMHA and AMHR so our few foals are registered with that prefix.
  15. targetsmom

    Minis in Delaware???

    Here is a recent photo of me, my mare I will be showing in SMS and the jacket I plan to wear!!
  16. targetsmom

    Minis in Delaware???

    I plan to be at the Fairgrounds this weekend for the AMHR show - PM me if you think you might be there and we can meet.
  17. targetsmom

    can a 2 year old filly breed?

    Some breeders do breed 2 year olds, but like others said, it is like a teenager giving birth. If you are interested in something like dog agility, there is the International Horse Agility Club that offers information (book and DVD) and has monthly ON-LINE competitions members can enter from...
  18. targetsmom

    Horse treats with no sugar?

    I know people love to give treats to their horses, but just another thought is that you CAN reward your horse without food. Especially one with metabolic issues. Find places they like to be scratched, or massaged, or even a kind word and a pat can be a reward. Remember that mutual grooming is...
  19. targetsmom

    Blue Eye info

    About half of our minis have blue eyes but none have pink skin around them. Lots of people LOVE blue eyed minis, especially the ones with dark faces and/or eyeliner.
  20. targetsmom

    Poor Maggie ~~

    Our all around show mini Princess has been IR for years and on a dry lot, with NO grass and has done well. We have been very lucky lately to have found a local hay supplier whose hay is VERY low in starch and high in protein so she gets the same hay now as everyone else. She gets an...