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    Showing geldings

    Hiya Does anyone show mini geldings? I've seen so many lovely young colts recently but to come to our yard would have to be gelded... I'm really hoping to get into the mini world in the next couple of years and have no intention on breeding just to have fun and show so wondering if a little...
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    Pony Express - van conversion

    Definitely following your journey converting!! This is exactly what I'd like to do 😍 are you planning on adding a little ramp or anything or did you little guy just hop on in
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    Van conversion for mini's

    That's great to hear!! Thought I might of been being a bit daft 😂 Honestly feel like it could be a really good way for me to get around to shows, I'm quite comfortable driving my hubby's work vans and things 😊 So do you build a wee ramp or anything?
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    Van conversion for mini's

    Hi everyone I'm new here!! I have always dreamed of having a couple of mini's to show and possibly breed in the future... I have a retired Highland and I exercise a big clydesdale cross. I have a really random question about transporting mini's... Is it possible to covert a van of some sort...