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    New AMHR Show

    Will you have classes for miniatures in Draft Harness. We love this facility to show in and might come if there are classes for us. (Single, double, four-up) Also the new class for light harness pairs or more. Thanks!
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you regarding this class. I've been getting ready for a big group for Thanksgiving tomorrow. (20!) Time for a break. Per a recent e-mail from Jeanne Bragagnini, who is an Area II BOD member, yes this class did pass and so I will put the proposal here so...
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    That's great. Now I can start working on those "other" multiple hitch people. And go for it, Amy! Once you drive a team, you'll be a goner! The hardest part is finding a pleasure harness for a team, I think. They are out there, but you might have to get one made. We've had ours for almost...
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    Western Country Pleasure

    I've seen exhibitors doing this all year. Draft driving is equipment and vehicle, not so much in headset, and movement. I honestly feel that our "draft type" horses fit right into the Western Country Pleasure Classes, and would hate to have that taken away.
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    Driving Lessons - Wisconsin

    THere is a great club in Wisconsin called the NEWMHC (North Eastern Wisconsin Miniature Horse Club). They have seminars and lots of great, great driving people. You can contact them and see what they might have coming up, or join the organization and get plenty of help and have some awesome...
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    Thanks Mary. It is lots of work and we are exhausted when it's over, but you and Mike have been a "godsend" at some of the shows helping us. And now with the two "nuts" considering driving a 6-up each in 2010, we'll really need help. And by two "nuts", I'm referring to my husband Richard and...
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    The first paragraph of the new class states "Classes may be offered for pairs, tandems, unicorns, four-in-hand, six-in-hand, 4 abreast, etc." So the answer is yes, you may do the tandem.
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    ANother comment regarding the AAMHC Show in Cedar Rapids at the Kirkwood College facility. Their first show was this year and the facility is absolutely awesome. Also, the show committee had people with name tags on and they were all over the barns helping exhibitors in any way they could...
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    "AMHR Light Harness Pairs or More"

    Hello LB Forum, I have not replied to this forum in the past, I have only read it, so I'm somewhat unsure if I'm doing this correctly. But my name is Rita Lindahl, and I'm from Iowa. I am the person who asked for this new class at convention. I was unable to attend convention this year, but...
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    AMHR Driving Class #1512

    I have read the rule book and if you read the detail, it actually refers you back to the Modern Shetland section and that leads to even more confusion. I used a two wheel cart (wire wheeled) with a pole for our shetlands and minis. We had shown in that for the past 3 years with miniatures...
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    AMHR Driving Class #1512

    Is there anybody out there who has shown in an AMHR Sanctioned Show in class #1512 which is Fine Harness Pairs or More 38" & Under. My question is, what type of vehicle do you use? Please include photos if you can. We have shown in this class when we drove Shetlands, and used to drive this in...
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    AMHR Performance Horse of the Year

    Scott, Roelene and Ben As a resident in Area 6, we can't tell you how proud we are of your award as "B" Performance horse of the year owners. MD Dynamo has been an awesome horse since the first day I saw him. And sorry, Scott and Ben, but when Roelene is at the whip, she makes that horse...
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    Iowa State Fair AMHR Show

    Hello fellow forum readers, I would like to extend a personal invitation to each and every one of you to attend the Iowa State Fair AMHR Show. It will be held August 13-15. Check-in will be on Saturday, August 12. We began many years ago (14?) with about 65 head. Last year we had a record...
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    Add me to the website list. And thank you! I'm a new person just learning. Forum Name: awoimini website: State: Iowa
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    donkey on the website

    Hi! We are new to posting on this forum, but not new to donkeys. (Our midwest Desert Canaries) Our webmaster has just finished updating our website: We own the cutest little donkey jack in the world. (At least we think so...proud owners!) He is tame and talks to my husband...
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    Question for those that breed hinnies???

    Hi, I'm kinda of new to this posting business, but have been in the mini donkey business for a long time. Sometimes when breeding the horse stallion to the jenny donkey, you have to have both a jenny and a horse in heat at the same time and when the stallion gets ready to get on the mare, pull...
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    black jack baby

    Hi everyone! So glad that Lil Beginnings is allowing us to use the miniature horse forum for our little donkeys. They are certainly very special animals. We call then desert canaries. Where we lived before, the neighbors were too close and didn't appreciate it when they brayed. The donkies...