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    Thank you. I already have both websites bookmarked, but I didn't realize that they sold runners, only. SuziB
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    What a nifty little sleigh! You are right! We could certainly build a simple sleigh box! So, anyone have any sleigh runners for sale out there? Sleigh runners for a sleigh to fit a 32" mini? SuziB
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    That sleigh is a beauty! Is it made for minis? It is just gorgeous! If it is a miniature-horse sleigh, would you mind terribly taking the relevant measurements and posting them on here for me and anyone else trying to construct their own? Thanks. SuziB
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    If I EVER find any plans, I will be more than glad to share the link! In the meantime, I do wish someone would share the previously requested measurements for A-sized mini vehicles, especially sleighs. To anyone willing to take the time to measure and post here, thank you in advance with...
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    Can anyone tell me what SIZE such a sleigh should be? Height, width, length, ground clearance? Anyone already owning a mini-horse sleigh--would you mind MEASURING yours and then adding those measurements on here? SuziB
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    Thanks, CyndiM. I have come to the conclusion that some enterprising soul is missing the boat here. Should he/she offer reasonably-priced, GOOD working plans for sleighs, buckboards, etc. (complete right down to the specs and materials lists) for minis, ponies, standard-sized driving horses...
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    I'm appealing to those who should KNOW! Is there ANY source out there where I can purchase plans to build a miniature-horse sleigh? A young friend is wanting to make one for me as her class project at school. I am sure she would earn an "A" IF we can come up with plans to go by. Please...
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    my husband is nearing the end of his long fight

    I am so sorry that you are losing your beloved husband, and I am so glad that God is an important part of your lives. I am glad, too, that you have your husband's family around you, helping you both and helping each other. SuziB
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    In need of a home for an IR horse

    I'm drawing a blank here. What IS "IR"? SuziB
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    hand puppets

    I am specifically trying to locate a sewing pattern which Butterick once offered. The number is 6374 and was entitled Puppet Show. It has an owl, raccoon, giraffe, and kangaroo shown on the cover. There is some confusion about the number because Butterick ALSO offered 6374 as a Delineator...
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    hand puppets

    Hello, again. Just thought I'd ask. If ANYONE has sewing patterns for hand-puppets that you want to dispose of, please mail them to me. E-mail me for snail-mailing address. I'm desperate. Thank you. SuziB
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    hand puppets

    Thank you for your input. I have spent two solid days on the internet, researching this subject. I have learned to my sorrow that there aren't any general craft magazines available out there anymore, either! My own date from the early 1980s, and all that is published now is specific to one...
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    hand puppets

    Help, all you crafters! Yesterday morning, I got the bright idea of making a couple of hand puppets for my grandchildren's Christmas presents. I specifically wanted to make a horse and a cow, recognizable ones. I have now spent two frustrating days searching the internet. I HAVE located a...
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    Has any one heard about these on line horse classes?

    Would you mind typing in the link so that I can check it out, please? SuziB
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    Fiddlestix Shetlands

    Any pictures of your winners? SuziB
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    For those who like Natural Horsemanship

    Mercy! SuziB
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    My best friend had a baby

    Saying prayers for the baby. SuziB
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    New pics of Blaze

    Sure looks like some thoroughbred blood there. Or Tennessee Walker, maybe, from the way he moves! SuziB Meant to add, too, he is simply beautiful! SuziB
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    For those of you in CAnada? or others maybe too

    Hello, Lisa, Way back in 1990, my daughter and I drove up to see Niagara Falls. We were the only two who could get away at that time, and I did NOT want to waste the combination of my new truck and a week of vacation. Too, neither of us had ever had what I call a real vacation. Too, I was...
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    I'm New Here I need Friends

    Welcome from Montana. SuziB