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    What breed to breed to

    Hi Terri, Bonnie was never registered with AMHR, she was eligible but the application was never sent in so technically, she's not an oversize AMHR, but a grade mare with a known pedigree. Her foals will never be able to be registered with AMHR. Your best bet would be to get her registered with...
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    National Show Pony Registry

    Does anyone know when the ASPC is going to start taking registration applications?
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    Donkey conformation

    What is considered good conformation in a donkey? I've seen some that looked good to me but don't know if what 'I' see is correct. I think that I would really like to have a mini mule and so I want to learn more about them before I have one of my mares bred for a mule foal.
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    I've just lost a filly

    That is so terribly sad, my heart is just breaking for you and for her. She'll never feel pain again though and she was blessed to have been with you in her last days and knew what kindness and love was. Geeze I'm so choked up....gonna go give all mine some big hugs. Here's some for you...
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    WWWWAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I SO wanted to go driving with you all today and I had to ask 2 weeks in advance to get today off and it's RAINING AGAIN. I am very disappointed since this was the one and only horse 'event' I would have made it to this whole year. Well, it's still a great...
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    Well Kris, there ya go!! Hope to see you there too!
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    Jody, I need directions!! I can't wait!!!!! Bring a picnic lunch too, right?