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  1. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    I forgot to include, that she is in fact missing some teeth. I haven't seen her drop hay, but I have seen her trying to look like a farmer. She'll have one piece of long grass or straw sticking outside her mouth to the side. I have a vet coming out in 3 weeks to geld my donkey, I'm going to have...
  2. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    Thanks guys! Yes, I worm the farm every spring and fall. Ok, I'll start looking at senior diets. I've seen the Sho-Glo that you're talking about, I'll definitely give that a try! Forgive my ignorance... What does this "bloom" mean? Like their look/personality once they are fully back in health?
  3. Beauty13

    New To Pony's and need advice

    Hi guys! I just joined the forum! I've been reading and learning a lot on here and admire all the experience this forum provides. So here's my story: I grew up on a farm, then went away to city life. In corporate america I was working ungodly hours and didn't really have a life or even get to...