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  1. sarahhh_jean

    Contest--Need Votes

    too cute! voted!
  2. sarahhh_jean

    New to pregnancy

    He is not yet gelded, I want to wait and see how I like the whole process but I can't imagine not loving the experience . That said it is something I will wait to decide on which is why I want to get as much information as possible. Thanks
  3. sarahhh_jean

    Yep, silver dapple

    How cute, LOVE the mow-hawk! you'd think it would have chosen a side by now but I would do the recommended above and use a leave in to help it.
  4. sarahhh_jean

    New to pregnancy

    Hello all!! Since I have searched high and low and all over the web for info I am bugging you guys as a last resort. First I will give a little background This past year I came across a bulletin at my local feed store here in Naples, Fl about an ad someone was giving away a mini. I have had...