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  1. Naira3284

    Lets See Your Big Guys!

    Thank you! She is my little chunky-monkey Her sire is a Saddlebred, but he is more of a old type. He is the palomino, from the Wing Commander line. She definitely looks more Warmbloody, but when she gets exited, her ASB comes out! LOL her sire Her Dutch WB / Hanoverian dam at Devon...
  2. Naira3284

    I get to Name my Rogers HSR colt.

    All I have is: Destiny's Russian Roulette Destiny Inna Russian Roulette Buckeroo's Russian Roulette Destiny IDK LOL
  3. Naira3284

    Lets See Your Big Guys!

    Here is my Dutch WB / Hanoverian / ASB mare named Amirah. AKA my dream dressage horse. She is 4 years old, I just broke her this spring, and she is doing great!! This girl can trot like no tomorrow!! She just moves like a dream. She has a very puppy dog personality, just a ham. I love her.
  4. Naira3284

    This years baby of mine.

    Thank you! I am always the only one there to take pics. So they never come out! I swear, in the camera the pics looked great!! LOL
  5. Naira3284

    This years baby of mine.

    Thanks guys! I love her. Every baby the two have produced has been a beauty, but all had something I didnt like. (big head, no hip..) She seems to have it all there. But maybe I'm just . lol Let me know what you like and do not like about her. Don't be shy, I can take it! Thank you
  6. Naira3284

    This years baby of mine.

    I don't post usually, more of a reader. But I really would like to share this years baby. I am just in love with her! She has the biggest most floating trot, and she is just a sweat pea. She is out of a red+white pinto, by a blue-roan. Her white socks have a bunch of black spots. I just...
  7. Naira3284

    Importing horses from Europe

    Some of the breeds used to broaden the gene pool since there is very few of them have been the Lipizzaner, Orlov Trotter, and Friesian. So they are around those lines. There is a stud in California that has the shipped seamen available if I want to breed. I want a younger horse because this...
  8. Naira3284

    Importing horses from Europe

    I have been thinking about importing a Black Kladruber. I am from the Czech Rep., and that is the breed I learned to ride on, and I just love them. They are one of the older breeds, who were the foundation for the Lipizzaner. They are a big carriage horse that excels in dressage(my passion)...
  9. Naira3284

    Shows in NY

    OK, so we have: -AMHR, May 16-17, NY State Horse breeders, Syracuse NY -AMHR, June 6-7, Niagara County Show, Lockport NY -AMHA, June 20-21, Fonda Fairgrounds -AMHR/ASPC, July 11, ASMHA Show 1, Holly NY -AMHR/ASPC, August 1-3, ESMHA Show 2, Palmyra NY -AMHR?, Date?, NY state fair, Syracuse...
  10. Naira3284

    Shows in NY

    I had: -AMHR, May 16-17, NY State Horse breeders, Syracuse NY -AMHR, June 6-7, Niagara County Show, Lockport NY -AMHR/ASPC, July 11, ASMHA Show 1, Holly NY -AMHR/ASPC, August 1-3, ESMHA Show 2, Palmyra NY
  11. Naira3284

    Shows in NY

    Is there a list some place? I only found 4 shows here in NY. Just wondering if there is more, and I'm blind
  12. Naira3284

    Okla. Dentist Arrested yesterday

    stupid question but, what did he do to get arrested?
  13. Naira3284

    Time to clip?

    OK, I am in NY, so it is not warm here! My 4 year old is scratching, itching, and rubbing like crazy! She is in her stall at night and out during the day. Her butt is bald, her chest is hairless, and she is now starting to rub the top of her neck. She will soon have no mane in that area...
  14. Naira3284


    He is beautiful! I can see the cams!!! I dont have a MAC but your cams are the only ones I can see I will be watching
  15. Naira3284

    Can someone help me view the foal web cams

    Thats the problem I have!! I just posted for help, I didnt know this was here. hope someone helps.
  16. Naira3284

    I need help with MareStare!!!

    OK, I have tried to download the Unreal Media Player a 100 different ways, and this is what I get on the end of each try!!! Are there any computer people to tell me what the heck that means?!?! HELP!!!!!!!! thank you
  17. Naira3284

    Question for Halter Obstacle showers

    I love when it is a bit of a challenge. I LOVE the obstacles at the AMHR nationals, they always have something odd in the mix. the only thing I hate are ground poles, They always seem to be spaced for the little stepping guys, my horses tent to have a big trot, so they try to take 2 at a time...
  18. Naira3284

    What color should this be? UPDATED~COLORED

    lol to me it looked like the horse would be saying something like: "Yup, right there, OK, now a little higher."
  19. Naira3284

    AMHR look up please?

    thanks so much! Ill see if i can get it. thank you
  20. Naira3284

    AMHR look up please?

    pretty please with a cherry on top?