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    Looking for Pepper

    Thank you JAX. I heard they sold all their horses so must be new owners didn't transfer the papers.
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    Looking for Pepper

    Hi...I have not been on the forum in a long time but curiosity has me wondering where my babies are. If anyone could help me find my Pepper I would be so appreciative. His registered name is LOVABLE HOT PEPPER. He was registered in AMHA, AMHR, and FBR. Just so curious where he may be. Would...
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    lost our first foal

    I am so sorry for your loss. Glad Momma is ok.
  4. L filly!!!

    WOW... Very cute!!
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    It's been awhile

    I have not posted for a very long time and thought I would post some pictures of my horses. My stallion Rowdy, who I got from Forum Member Margot...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH My Mares...Lacy (pinto) and Amber Thanks for letting me share.
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    Introducing my new Appy Colt

    Pretty Baby!!
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    Time for another RED BAG/Placenta Previa Birth Post?

    My first red bag was this year, my second delivery ever. Momma was also a maiden mare, not much of a bag to speak of and also a bit early (311 days). Broke the red sack then the other sack, had to tie cord off. Sadly the baby passed at 2 days old...I gave it my all... Lacy and Angel...
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    Contact Info

    Here ya go, I made them smaller. If you want smaller yet just let me know and I will do it for you...or try.
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    Contact Info

    I have a stallion...Grahams Brown Rowdy (AMHA) with breeder as Eddie Graham. His AMHR reg papers has the address of Eddie Graham as Port Allegany, PA. Is there a chance of 2 Graham Farms??
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    First foal ever

    Thanks everyone. He is great and mom is doing such a good job too. I am so glad all went fine.
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    First foal ever

    Good to hear all is good with you Michelle. I have missed our talks/e-mails. We are all fine and so excited about our sweet baby. Yep, Dad is the Buckskin Pinto and Yes, mom is a palamino pinto. Right now plans are to keep. I am so excited. Pinch me and wake me up...LOL
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    First foal ever

    Just thought I would share with ya all our first foal(ever). All went fine, normal text book delivery. No problems at all. Cayenne is a great mother. Here is Lovable Hobby's Lil Hot Pepper..."Pepper" What color do you think he is? I think he has 2 blue eyes. He is around 20 inches tall...
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    My sister just sent this to me and I thought it was cute so wanted to share it with you... The duck says "Quack",and the cow says "Moo", the old red rooster says "Cock-a-doodle-doo". The sheep says "Baa", the cat says "Meow", I say "Good Morning how do ya do, when I see you! Hope you all...
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    Robin and Early Bird on Equusite :)

    OH...I just love it. : 2 10's from me
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    Just wondering how you respond to people, you hear,

    Depending who it was and what was said would depend on how I would handle it. One remark from a friend of mine was..."I'm proud of you for everything you have done. You have come a long way in a short time with the horses." This makes me feel good. I give credit to this forum and some great...
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    Answer to the question, has a miniature mare ever had twins.

    Here is a set of twins I heard about.... Twins
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    Pic and questions

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That is what I wondered. Cayenne is carring the baby on the left so says its a boy and the ring test also says a boy. Can't wait to see for sure :
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    Sky Update --

    I am so glad Sky is doing well...your a great MOM! : Nice to hear from you :saludando:
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    its day 210!

    Our Cayenne is 245 days today and she is our first. Cayenne on the other hand is sweet and loving. She gets tired more and what I noticed is she seems to stomp her back feet now(???). She does seem to stay away from the others and love the attention we give her and loves being brushed. Good Luck