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    Custom made trailer dividers

    Thank you everyone for your help and pictures. Could you also tell me how tall and long the dividers are? I would like to hear for everyone about things that worked and things that did not. I think I am buying a 16 foot long 6’6 high and 6 foot wide all aluminum stock trailer. I will be...
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    Custom made trailer dividers

    Would you be able to show me pictures and share dimensions on the trailer dividers that have been made for your mini horses. I would like to make it so that my horses travel safely in the trailer. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping to keep my horse children safe. Toy horse
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    arab type minis

    This stallion not only looks the part but he gives it to his off spring as well. Mochas Cherokee War Dance If photo does not come up he is on Rocking horse acres web sight. He lives in NH -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dancer AMHA/AMHR...
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    Why Do I Keep Miniature Horses????

    I have had horse my inter life at a year old my mom would place us on the ponies backs while she cleaned the barn. As I was raised the horses were my best friends. :aktion033: As a grown person I released that they had taught me about responsibilities :new_shocked: . I wanted my child to have...
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    Newbie in NH

    Hi Kathy. Preacher will always be Rocky to me. He looks happy and well cared for. Glad he is with you. Toyhorse
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    Silver dapples--

    My dapple gray changes color with the seasons. Darker in the winter and lighter in the summer. Hope this helps Toyhorse
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    Poison Question

    Like others have said I have no problem with Oak Trees so I am going to let them be. Well for over many years we did not either. But that changed At the time Mom was raising Morgans. One of the mares and her foal kept getting colic on fall. We did not know why and had sent for blood test and...
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    Show mishap

    Ok let’s see if this tops the list. We as a family had just started showing miniature horses so we took them to a few open shows as they offered a few miniature horse classes at each of their shows. Well this show circuit had shows on three different days so that a few breeds show each...
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    Trying to find pediagree information for my mini

    Is that Double Trouble picture? I knew her when she was young. She lived up to her name, in a fun way.
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    Our World Championship Results

    Pam is this Mocha's Cherokee War Dancers son? Who is the Dame? Boy is he nice! Who showed him?
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    Hip Hip Horay For RHA

    For placing reserve champione in the Weanling Colts at AMHA world. Sire is Mochas Cherokee War Dance Boy is he a nice stallion and what nice colts he makes I have been on their web sight to see their horse. WOW Toyhorse
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    Please give me opinions on this mare

    Please forgive me, my spelling is bad but had to ask have you had her thyroyd checked. Toyhorse
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    Buying a new colt

    I love to hear when people are adding new friends to their fields If the colt is to be a pet and friend I would think you would like to geld him? This can only be done if both " Jewels" have dropped if they have not it is very expenseve to have a gelding done. I would share that if you are...
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    Have you ever sent a deposit

    Had someone tell me I want the horse you have advertived, I told them I was going to a show in their area and asked them to come to the show and see the horse as I wanted to be sure they wanted him. At show told everyone they are buying the colt. gave me a check and I was to bring him back in a...
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    A challenge for all of you to consider

    Well my rescue may not count. But here is her story I will try to keep it short. It may sound like a story many of you know but this is also Lady’s story. Lady came from England as a weanling filly she went to a nice lady named Marilyn H Now Marilyn had a nice barn and many new friends for...
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    gelding prices

    I do an agreement when I sell my non gelded colts. If you keep him as a stallion you buy him for this price. If you have him gelded and he does not sire any foals I will sell him for one thousand dollars less. I allow payment plans and will hold the papers. As soon as all payment are met and...
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    What did you do this weekend

    I have clipped three of my foals. Trying to learn how to post pictures a little more practice and I know I can do it! So share your fun please. My big weekend next week is getting in the hay.
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    Fall breeding in the Northern Regions...

    I had all of my mares vet checked in foal for 2004. I thought that I would leave a mare in with the stallion for company as they seemed to enjoy each others company. This mare was due in June so when April came and it was time to cover other mares I took this mare out of his pasture. I thought...
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    How many horses do YOU have?

    Well Lets see Stallions 2 Breeding age Yearling Stalions 2 one for sale one for the breeding program. Weanling Colts 2 Brood Mares 10 Two year old Mares 2 Yearling mares 1 Weanling Mares 4 Wow does that make 23 ?????? All AMHA and working on getting them all AMHR Add four dogs two...
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    Hoof Stands

    I went to Wal-Mart and bought the Car Jacks the small ones with a wide base. Two for less than tweenty dollars. I like how they work if you try it and do not like them just return to store.