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  1. Orkie

    Nutrition Help!

    I would put your two horses on the Purina Wellsove feed. It's 12% protein and 1% fat with a good quality hay. A dry lot would be great for turn out and not pasture. A good exercise plan would also be a great idea. Once the weight comes off and you want them where you want them I would switch...
  2. Orkie

    fallen crest???

    Without seeing your mini - my guess is the weight of the mane pulled it over. I don't believe there is any fix and it won't cause him any problems. I bought a broodmare this summer that came to me with a fallen crest and it didn't concern me one bit as I wasn't buying her for a show horse. But...
  3. Orkie

    Pinto Horse Association of PA

    I am a Pa Pinto Horse Club member. If you email me through my web site I can give you some info or any questions that you may have.
  4. Orkie

    Who has a "secret"?

    I have a couple of secrets myself. My first secret is a Boones Little Andy daughter that just foaled a black pinto colt and my second secret is a bay pinto filly that is a look a like to my show mare. She is a Martins Boozers After Dark grandaughter. I'm still pinching myself.
  5. Orkie

    Our new foal

    Thank you everyone. I am tickled pink with our colt crop this year. Both out standing foals that could go in the show pen and win. I wouldn't give up my Bill Bailey son for nothing. He has done me proud in the show ring as well.
  6. Orkie

    Our new foal

    Hi all, I wanted to share our new foal we had born on July 1st. He is a bay pinto colt and very refined. He is our second born this year. The third pic is our first foal of the year and he is a Circle S Bill Bailey grandson - OH CAN HE EVER MOVE!!!
  7. Orkie

    What Are Your Future Plans?

    Less breeding and more showing. The studs don't like it that way but I take them out and show them so they still have some sort of a job.
  8. Orkie

    Collecting on Payments...

    I too, have a lady that owes me money on two horses she bought as a package deal. I have went and handed in her to small claims court and it's been now a year. I will probably not see the money owed to me. As for the papers - they can rot in my book a long with all my other papers. She thinks I...
  9. Orkie

    Body clippers

    I second the Double K's. They are very powerful and suit best for body clipping.
  10. Orkie

    Pinto of the Year

    Our show mare Hidden Timbers Rowdy Rose earned her PTHA Open Champion for 2010. She also earned an ROM in halter.
  11. Orkie

    There's a new buckskin in town.

    Hi Debbie, Very nice filly. I knew you were keeping a secret for some good reason. It looks like you will be busy showing next year like the rest of us. It's addicting!!!!
  12. Orkie

    Multi-Vitamin supplements

    I'm a huge DAC user. Have been for 13 plus years. All of my horses are on the Orange Superior and my show horses get the 911 and dac oil. You can go to their web site and see a list of all their products available.
  13. Orkie

    Our new baby

    I too have bought from Melanie twice and ended up with two great horses. Joanne, your filly is lovely and I'm happy to own her half sister. I'm so looking forward to her foal in the spring.
  14. Orkie

    If Santa loved minis instead of Reindeers....

    Well, I can't say that I'm in need of any horses for Christmas because I just got two really cool black pintos from Mini Gaits Farm, but I could use a pair of Double K clippers.
  15. Orkie

    What is your breeding program?

    I have to agree with Debbie Sample. I, too have come from the big horse world and am a big believer that almost all colts should be gelded, very few should be left studs. It makes a excellent stud to make a great gelding. I, too have a very small herd and conformation, pretty heads, nice long...
  16. Orkie

    New horses lets see them!!

    Ok, I'm not figuring out how to post pix but anyways, I bought two foal from Sherri Volz of Mini Gaits Farm. We are excited about adding them both to our show string for next year.
  17. Orkie

    What would you do?

    OMG, Debbie, that picture is just priceless!!! Boy, that filly looks like she knows how to show. Good Luck next year!!!
  18. Orkie

    Wonderful Forum Member!!!!!

    Yes, Sherri I totally agree with Tiff. I hope to heaven you don't disperse entirely. I think this mini business needs more honest people like you!!! Plus I have to give you 6 golden stars for sending me 2 wonderful horses that you said were this that and the other thing and when they came they...
  19. Orkie

    What have you bought new this year.

    I am thrilled to say that I bought one of Sherri Volz's black pinto fillies, Mini Gaits Hello Tinkerbelle. We look forward to having her out on the pinto circut for next year.
  20. Orkie

    Last foal for the year...

    Oh Sherri, She's just as nice as Tinkerbelle only without the spots.