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  1. Knighthawke

    Anyone available to do a pedigree look up AMHR

    I am trying to find the info, pedigree and foals listed for two horses. Coffeys SS Spotless Spirit 303576A Sanders Bit O Honey 71716A If it is easiest to email it you can email me at [email protected] Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  2. Knighthawke

    Anyone available to do a pedigree look up AMHR

    Bless acres kings tootsie roll 266237a Pedigree and what she has produced with colors Thank you
  3. Knighthawke

    Looking for pictures of....

    I am looking for a picture of Samis I Lafalot- owner Jeanie or Jerry Colwell If anyone can help.
  4. Knighthawke

    AMHR Look Up

    If anyone can do a AMHR look up for me please email me at [email protected] Want to know about a horses offspring and what colors was produced. If any one can to it a big thank you in advance.
  5. Knighthawke

    Look for AMHA LOOK UP

    I am looking for an amhr look up for Heritage Buckeroo Spirit and MTN Springs Buckeroo Spotted Dandy. Mainly want to see off spring info and colors of there offspring. Thanks for anyone's help.
  6. Knighthawke

    Minis and Sledding

    Thanks for the input. Yes it is a a easy entry cart with sled runners. I am having a blast. I actually took my 4 x 4 kawaski mule and ran around the arena and packed it down and he goes well on it with no problems. I usually only go for 20 minutes at most with walk and some trot and he...
  7. Knighthawke

    Minis and Sledding

    Anyone out there with minis that go out in the winter with a sleigh. How much harder is it for the mini to pull a sleigh vs a cart. (Frontier Easy Entry) How long would you allow them to pull a sleigh if they are only used to pulling a cart with wheels? What is the best amount of snow to pull...
  8. Knighthawke

    AMHR hardship still 1/2 price for 2013?

    That is great news I have one mare I want done but need to wait until the beginning of 2013.
  9. Knighthawke

    Moving to Maryland

    Hello, I am in Levels, WV up near Western MD. I was born and raised for 15 years in Forest Hill, MD. It was about an hour from Baltimore and was really nice there but has changed a lot since then. I am a small breeding farm and also train a lot of horses to drive and sell driving horses.
  10. Knighthawke

    Overweight 32" Gelding "What to do?"

    This is great info to hear. I just got a mini stallion that is fat and I have him on a dry lot and hay. I have started to drive him to help with exercise let alone him having acess to run the fence and look at the mares. He has lot some but needs more.
  11. Knighthawke

    AMHR Pedigree Look UP Please

    I am looking for a pedigree look up on 218081A Little Wee Treasured Trinket Date of Birth on her sire: Sire 85348 B Pursleys Bandito And an extended Pedigree on her Dam 85239A Aspen Knoll's Rumba Thanks for any help
  12. Knighthawke

    AMHR Look Up PLEASE!

    Thanks for the info
  13. Knighthawke

    Information on horses in this pedigree?

    Also I dont know if you know but Lazy N Red Boy is an LWO carrieor for the overo gene from his sire Rowdy. We had one of him offspring that threw us some overos. Here is red boys page.
  14. Knighthawke

    in hand jumping help :)

    I have one that is like that. I do alot of stuff with him just trotting next to me and make him turn right and left to get control on the ground. I also do a lot of stop and back up. When we jump him I will do a lot of jump one jump and then stop in a straight line and back up. Then the next...
  15. Knighthawke

    AMHR Look Up PLEASE!

    Can someone please look up and get me the pedigree listed and any offspring listed for Six Gems American Freedom Fighter Thanks for any help. You can post hear of email me at [email protected]
  16. Knighthawke

    Question on the color Grey

    I was wondering if a lot of people with grey minis had problema with melanomas I has a half arab and half welsh and he never had any but now my shayga arabian mare does.
  17. Knighthawke

    wcmhr show in august

    I will say if you have kids it is a really fun show for them and they go out for the youth. If you are just learning or want to get a green horse out to and are close it is good practice for that.
  18. Knighthawke

    Question on the color Grey

    I have been looking at some minis recently and keep getting drawn to the color grey. The grey color that will turn white not the silver dapple color. I am just wondering peoples opionion on the color. I know when breeding pintos and appaloosa it was the color curse because you can loose the...
  19. Knighthawke

    Miniature Hourse Hauler by Bob

    We have had one for 7 to 10 yrs no problems except that we are having to take off the top and change the wood in the roof. Even though we would seal the roof every year it leaked and now the wood rotted. I will say he now has the option of an aluminum roof. I would recommend that. When we...
  20. Knighthawke

    Razoring eyes/muzzle

    To the performance people since you dont do razoring, do you just clip the face with a 50 blade instead of razoring.