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  1. Jenny

    Slow Feeder hay nets/bags

    I have two Mini Hay Pillows for my guy. I loved them at first, but then decided to go a different route. My guy would paw A LOT at his Hay Pillow and would eventually make massive holes in it. So, I got a Nag Bag, which is basically a high-quality, small hole hanging net. He hasn't managed to...
  2. Jenny

    Finally, some sunshine!

    After all the rain we've been getting we finally have some BEAUTIFUL weather and I took advantage of the sunshine and snapped a few photos. Plus, I have to show off Breaker is his spring coat! All that winter fluff is shedding off, slowly but surely.
  3. Jenny

    Cart/Harness fit critique?

    I have a Robart Pinchless bit. It's a really nice bit and has internal bushing that allows the bit to rotate in the middle. I've heard excellent things of Myler bits and they make many different styles. Ozark Mountain Mini Tack has several leather harnesses that look decent. This one looks...
  4. Jenny

    Transitioning to Grass

    Well, it's that time of year! I started letting Breaker out in his pasture for some grass. The grass is well established, but not super lush. I'm wondering how all of you transition your horses from an all-hay diet to hay and grass. How long of a period do you transition? How gradual do you make...
  5. Jenny

    Cart/Harness fit critique?

    For a trainer, they definitely do not have to be familiar with miniatures. Driving is the exact same with large horses as it is with the little ones. Does your area have an ADS club? That would be an excellent place to find a trainer. My trainer works with large horses almost exclusively and I'm...
  6. Jenny

    Cart/Harness fit critique?

    Yes, 16" wheels are too small. I personally think that unless it's for a tiny 28" mini, you shouldn't go below a 24" wheel. Another handy calculation is to multiply height in hands by 3 and that gives you your wheel size. So, 8H x 3 = 24" wheels. Again, this is just an approximation. It would be...
  7. Jenny

    Cart/Harness fit critique?

    Sorry, I guess I should have clarified about the cart size. The shafts are plenty long. 48" is even possibly a bit too long as general guidelines are to multiply the horse's height in hands by 5 and you get the ideal shaft length in inches. So, 32" is 8H x 5 = 40" shafts, but these are just...
  8. Jenny

    Cart/Harness fit critique?

    I'm VERY new to driving, but i'll give it a go based on what I've learned from my driving instructor. Hopefully someone out there will correct me if I'm wrong (which is very possible). The cart looks a tad small for your horse. It looks like the shafts are tilted upward slightly which is a sign...
  9. Jenny

    My first drive!

    I drove my first horse on Sunday and it was so fun! I'm definitely hooked! I drove my trainer's gorgeous mare, Shella, and she was just amazing to work with. I'm hopeful this will lead to me driving Breaker in the future! Here are a few photos:
  10. Jenny

    Advice for training to drive

    I had the same problem with haltering with my gelding. I started giving him a small treat every time I put his halter on. I did this for about a month. He's now back to his normal self where he practically shoves his nose into his halter by himself without a treat.
  11. Jenny

    Bought a harness

    If the harness you bought doesn't fit and your on a tight budget, try looking for a used one. There are really great quality used harnesses out there for really reasonable prices. I just bought a beautiful used harness for only $400! I was ecstatic when I found it as I was planning on spending...
  12. Jenny

    Waffle Weave Harness Pad

    My driving instructor says I need to purchase a waffle weave harness pad, not one of those fuzzy ones. Does anyone have any recommendations for where to get one? I've been looking around, but I'm not sure which places have the best ones. Thanks in advance!
  13. Jenny

    Dental product for dogs (and cats)

    Thank you so much for the review shorthorsemom! I'm going to try this on my 3-year-old Cockapoo. I definitely won't be able to get it for $11, though. Everything here in Canada is SO much more expensive! The cheapest on Amazon Canada is $32. I'll probably just order it on the manufacturer's...
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  19. Jenny

    Homemade Harness Pads???

    Margo, The saddle is for a "B" size mini. It was custom made for a more robust mare. My driving instructor is coming out soon to do a fitting on my 36" gelding to see how well it fits. I won't be altering it myself, my instructor's finding a place to fix it. I'm not exactly sure if it has a...
  20. Jenny