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  1. nicole

    Dog won't heal from surgery

    Has anyone ever had an animal that won't heal or took a very long time to heal from sugery? If anyone has any information on this please pass it along. My dog had surgery (criptorcid) so they had to go inside the gut to find the testicle they had a really hard time during sugery. Two weeks...
  2. nicole

    Clipping Dapple Greys

    How long should you wait before you clip dapple greys before a show? and what size of blade would you use on the body? I have used the 10blade but I find I want a sleaker look so should I clip with a 15 or a 40. I am assuming the 40 may be to short but I have heard people using the 40 on the...
  3. nicole

    I talked with Bob tonight about Aurora...

    Way to go Judy, :aktion033: !!! This is the biggest reason why I do not post on this forum anymore. People are way to judgemental on this forum and too many think they know it all!!!! I don't know Bob personally and I did not read the thread but when something like that is posted, to me...
  4. nicole

    Bengal Cats

    Does anyone own a Bengal cat? We are thinking of getting one and would like to hear some opinions on the breed. They do seem to be very nice and are more like a dog then cat. Anyway I thought I would ask. Thanks Nicole
  5. nicole


    I can't wait, its the only show that I really like. It does have me really confused, not really sure where this show is heading but I keep watching it. Anyone else watch it and do you have any idea?? Nicole
  6. nicole

    Update on my mare

    Judy, Sid and Alexis I am so very sorry for you loss of "Brat". : I wish I would've had the opportunity to meet this wonderful horse. She gave you 23 wonderful years. So many memories. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Nicole
  7. nicole

    Update on my mare

    OH thank God she is o.k, nothing worse then having a sick horse. Especially when you don't know what it is. Keep us posted on her recovery, see you on the weekend. Nicole
  8. nicole

    Shipping boots

    Well he is off and I did not use them. He is not used to them to begin with and they are cheaper shipping boots, so they would problaby fall off anyway. The trailer was very well padded and the stalls went right to the floor. I am sure he would be better without them anyway, he is a very...
  9. nicole

    Shipping boots

    I have a mini being shipped out tonight for a long 16hr truck ride. What are your suggestions for sending with shipping boots? Do I really need them? I have always transported my big horses with them but I never see a mini with them on?? Anway just thougth I would ask THanks
  10. nicole

    Horse conformation discussion

    Conformation is conformation no matter if you have a arab or quater horse style. I have seen both types and lots that are just beautiful. I have also seen some that are very refined not because they are built that way but because they are so darn skinny and really took away from the looks of...
  11. nicole

    Have a question reguarding my 4 year old gelding

    Does he waddle? It may be his stifles or he may be sore somewhere. I would have the vet look at him first but as far as exercise goes work him slow!!! I would work him slow, 20min a day gradually increase the workload but not over 20mins. Lots of groundwork and drive him every other day. Do...
  12. nicole

    Southmoutain Fair

    Moonie (now owned by Judy Bakker Sunny!) She is one proud mom. Lead line class with my daughter Kaitlyn Kaitlyn and Magic (now owned by Ken Bennison of Snowy Acres Miniatures) An now Tango (the one I dyed) Sorry for all the pictures but we had soo many good ones. And for...
  13. nicole

    Dying black horses

    Just an update on my dyed horse, I took him to the show anyway and placed 1st in halter out of 4. and placed 2nd in halter obstacle. I had soo many people wanting to buy this horse it was just amazing. Even the Judge asked me if he was for sale. I know I should've dyed him and I know for...
  14. nicole

    Dying black horses

    You are absolutly right "backwoodsnanny" I may just take him anyway and enjoy the day. He is not that bad and its not an AMHR show. So we are going for fun and that's what is important.
  15. nicole

    Dying black horses

    Thanks so much guys for all your help. And yes I am sure you are reading this thinking what an idiot. : I guess sometimes I don't think, and I was really not thinking about his skin and what that might do to him. I know now and I will never put a horse through that again. Nicole
  16. nicole

    Extreme heat and mares settling????

    My moms mare was bred in June and she came back in last week for 2days and out again. I have a feeling she did not settle either. Another mare she has came in for her foal heat but has not been in sense. Another freind of mine has Paso Finos, 9 mares none have settled she has been trying...
  17. nicole

    Dying black horses

    Just talked to my hair dresser and she mentioned Sunlight grease remover will strip the dye. But not sure if it will due his skin any good. She also mentioned that the Kolesteral will help his skin!! She has some and I will pick that up tonight and bath him in it. Lyn How long does that...
  18. nicole

    Dying black horses

    I really don't care about the show, I am not taking him. But I am worried about him and his skin. I guess if I would've just bathed him he probably would've been fine and I was only going to do his mane and tail but thought I could do his body to make him really black. : Live and learn...
  19. nicole

    Dying black horses

    O.K I am confused because I did not change the coat color, he is black but because I clipped him the coat was dull. I was also told that you can dye the body as long as you are dying the same colour????All I did was enhanced the colour. About his skin is there anything I can do to help his...
  20. nicole

    Ulcerative Collitis (sp.?) What has worked for control?

    I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis for 2 years now, but have been suffering with it for 5 years but did not know I even had it until I started bleeding. I was doing really good up until a month ago, and know I have it back but with full force. I am on 12pills a day of Asacol and 2...