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  1. von1068

    Possible hip/pelvis fracture or partial dislocation

    Hi All, I introduced myself yesterday, I'm from sunny Spain..... It's a long story!! I have a 3 year old British Spotted pony 30" high, CTC Thunder Road who I bred. He's been a troublesome child to say the least! At 10 days old he got Foal Sepsis and spent 13 days at the vet school at Murcia...
  2. von1068

    Hello from sunny Spain!

    Hi all, my name is Von (Yvonne) and I live in Andalucia, Spain. My town is Cullar, and the area is the Altiplano de Granada :) I have had miniatures for around 8 years now, I have British Spotted miniatures, a British Miniature, a Caspian x Arab miniature and a Caspian/Arab x Falabella! Oh and...