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    Any donkey savvy people out there????

    Nothing like a procrastinator! I'm hoping soon because I really want to see the cutie.
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    Any donkey savvy people out there????

    The foal will be all "legs & ears"....really! All mine were. She may stop labor with you there, she is basically from the wild, remember. The will have a built in "do it away from anyone & anything" sense to them. Mine didn't show as long a labor once started as some minis. Her belly...
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    Anyone Gardening Yet?

    I just REALLY want to be. Got up to rain yesterday, maybe an 1" over a couple hrs. Totally ruined my plans for the day. But, I went to lower shed and brought the pull tiller up top, thinking I could rough up some strips in the currently unused pasture areas and plant some of the "food plot"...
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    I just got screwed over by the cattle dealer

    Always get paid first from him, only CASH!!
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    I can't even begin to title this

    You are doing GREAT with making plans to do anything that can bring you comfort and happiness. Your hubby has an illness, others understand. In his "place" mentally & physically, just try to accept "it is what it is". Talk to him with comments that need no reply....."it's lovely out today...
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    I just got screwed over by the cattle dealer

    KUDOS !!! He won't bother you again, LOL. The cattle look great and that hay does, too.
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    Changing my grocery shopping habits

    My farm has been used with organic/natural processes for many years. I have weeds, so what? I don't use anything to kill them. The goats, chickens & goats eat them & bugs. I milk the goats, drink raw milk, make cheese & yogurt & soap. Chickens are free range. Small garden for veggies...
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    I can't even begin to title this

    Take care of your health!!! Get the mammo, find a support group - somewhere - life goes on and you will need to be able to also. How do I know? Because 17 1/2 yrs ago I lost my best friend, soul mate and husband to cancer. One day the doctor checked him for back pain -- we thought he had...
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    Boone's Little Buckeroo Foals

    Believe he was mid 30's when he passed. I know I have a daughter who will be 32 this summer. Doing well
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    Driving trainers in Virginia?

    Used to be a couple in the Charlottesville area but all have moved or retired. Check with Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA. They have large horse shows for all size horses and all type disciplines. You may be able to obtain names of some trainers in your area that way.
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    What is wrong with her?!

    So -- I just want to comment that one issue CAN create another. Laminitis they walk differently and compensate their gait with use of other body parts/muscles. Since they cannot "talk" to all of us here's a perfect example from one who can talk -- me Not long ago I injured my knee...
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    microchipping your pets... a good idea

    Yes, chip in neck. Many years ago Hunt House Farms chipped every one in their herd. They were big show farm and breeders at the time and Bob Lee told me that he had concerns when he was away from farm and a caretaker called to say "the black mare is down sick". Since he had a whole lot of...
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    I prefer being home

    I'm there with you all! Many of the same reasons. I am 69 and still have 30 retired minis......hoping I outlive them all, LOL, as I promised them a retirement for their past contributions to my own farm dreams! We are all becoming slower seniors together. Bevann I remember when we used...
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    bitter cold and snow

    Bevann, sure hope you are feeling better soon. Wish we could just fast forward into complaints about the heat! Really, I can sweat better than shiver.........if we just get enough rain to keep the pastures from totally drying up, I'm good!! We had 73 temps yesterday, barely 37 today and some...
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    Hubby in the hospital

    I am so sorry for your husband's medical issues. Of course, it impacts you! While surgery seems it may be an option (no one likes to hear that) but...... Since he is an adult, able to reason, you all need to make a "schedule" so that you are not driving each day. Every other or 3rd, if...
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    Advertisements - Tasteless

    I'd like them to play the Budweiser commercials.......seems to be only Superbowl deal now.
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    Cold weather learnings

    Once you remove that smaller chunk of ice from the bucket, leave it IN the heated tub to replenish water supply. Disconnect all hoses.......drain and less thing to void of ice. Be VERY careful as you punch the stick, hammer, etc. into the ice to break it up. Many of those...
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    bitter cold and snow

    Night before last we had about an inch of snow, on top of some extremely wet ground from thawing of previous 4" of snow. That little bit melted yesterday (woohoo refill all the water tubs--get more hay in) and last night we got another 7" -- still snowing a little. This is looking like it...
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    If a pregnant mare eats the Round-Up treated grass, especially if newly sprayed, expect her to abort in about 24-36 hrs. Just a FYI. Been there!
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    bitter cold and snow

    The different areas have cold & wind that "varies" as to the feel of the intensity -- although it's all cold!!! The moisture in the air and the persons acclimation seem to help with tolerating it. Some of you think 5 degree is balmy, LOL. I remember being in FLA and when it got to 40 the...