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  1. Teedee

    2008 AMHR Nationals Senior Champion Stallion Class Over

    I had something I thought someone might enjoy it and I glad I did. Thanks Tammi
  2. Teedee

    2008 AMHR Nationals Senior Champion Stallion Class Over

    I have been wading through 5 years of camcorder tape. I just got done with this one. I will never claim to be professional. AMHR Nationals Grand Champ Over Stallion Video Tam
  3. Teedee

    Whos right? My son or Me. Opinions please

    Oh I couldn't wait to answer this one. GRANDMA TRUMPS SON ANYDAY OF THE WEEK! Every child should have someone in the their life that makes them feel special and loves them unconditionally! You go girl from a fellow Grandma! Tammi
  4. Teedee

    Repeat Buyer

    We are members of the repeat buyer herd. Our favorite seller (when they will and a certain someone doesn't get to them first ) and friends are Neil and Judy Gottlob of Grand Island Nebraska. These two know their ponies and have been very generous with their horses and knowledge. Just wished we...
  5. Teedee

    Sweet Opals Big OLE BRAG!!!!

    Way to go Jennifer! You and your horses have done GREAT! You know Alan and I are Pow Wow fans and think he is awesome. Tammi
  6. Teedee

    ACER brand computers

    Acer computers are the off brand for Gateway. They are great machines. I buy hundreds of computers and laptops for our school district. I have bought Acers for some of our teachers because for the dollars you can't beat them. My next personal laptop will be an Acer. Tammi
  7. Teedee

    Show & Hitch Classes

    Hi Deb and Hal I am one of your number one fans. I watched you for two years at Nationals and dang you guys work you butts off to get your hitches ready. You made me tired I am also a show manager and if someone wants us to ad a class we are more than happy to do it. I can't imagine a show...
  8. Teedee

    Barbies mini

  9. Teedee

    Finally got our Nationals pro photos back

    Nice Photos Jessica! I think I have video with you in the driving classes. Let me know if you want a copy. Tammi
  10. Teedee

    I received a big shock this week

    I would raise my sons all over again. I LOVED it. They are all unique and come with their own set of problems but hey isn't that call growing up? But now I am a grandma..what kids???? Being a Grandma is the BEST! The only thing I struggle with is now I am sleeping with a Grandpa! :DOH!
  11. Teedee

    My Two New Additions

    That is GREAT Rob! I LOVE LOVE race horses. I was raised around them and just love their beauty and power. And I LOVE to go to the race track. Be sure to post pictures of the foal. Do you still have the adorable double registered filly... wait I don't want to know... Tammi
  12. Teedee

    Watson, our shih-tzu puppy, is getting a playmate

    Too too cute. We have a shih-tzu for about 5 years now and we love him. He travels everywhere with us. He has been to nationals with us every year. I have a question. Our pup has to be groomed every month because he adores the horse poop and playing in the yard. Do you have all yours groomed or...
  13. Teedee


    I am work and found this one from 2005. I think it was a mare class not really sure. Use if you like. I know I have some from other years on my home computer. Tammi
  14. Teedee

    AMHR Pacific Northwest Shows?

    Here are Utahs show dates. These are great shows too! May 22 and 23 - Golden Spike Arena August 6 & 7 Weber Co Fair August 14 & 15 Logan, Utah Judges - TBA
  15. Teedee

    AMHR Pacific Northwest Shows?

    Not sure if these are too far for you. But we sure have a good time! Tammi Snake River Miniature Horse Club 7th Annual Blackfoot Show  Blackfoot, Idaho   AMHR and ASPC   July 17th and 18th (Friday and Saturday show) 3 Judge Show   Tim Parkinson (Tim is going to be a 2009 AMHR...
  16. Teedee

    Cold weather "sayings"

    We have a "shady" attorney in our town and when it gets cold we say... It is so cold today "John" has his hands in his own pockets.. And my favorite... Colder than a mother in law's kiss.... and I am a mother in law! Tammi
  17. Teedee

    Lets give our Signifigent others

    Oh there aren't enough horse treats in the world to thank my sweet husband for putting up with me. We both love our horses and it is our main focus other than our children. He likes to show them and I like to groom them so it works for us. He does all the chores in the winter because I am a big...
  18. Teedee

    Guys in Pink.

    My husband wears pink, purple, outrageous yellow and baby blue show shirts. He always wears his pink one at every show. Everyone expects it and if he doesn't they ask why. He is comfortable with who he is and he has a very macho job but that doesn't bother him. And he is as much of a "real" man...
  19. Teedee

    somebody's trying

    Pack N Pee Tam
  20. Teedee

    What the farmer gets

    We live smack dab in the middle of tater country. I look out my front door at a potato field and the Rocky mountains doesn't get any better than that. My favorite saying is.... Don't cuss a farmer with your mouth full! Tam