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  1. Jens

    Photos of my girls :)

    They are all adorable!
  2. Jens

    It's already been 5 months!

    If only I had a larger barn and more land.... I see how addicting these little guys are!!!
  3. Jens

    Before and after - what a difference.

    He's looking great! I have a 4 year old gelding named Duke too!
  4. Jens

    My mini has little or no frog and hollow hooves in the front!!!!!

    If it were me, I would just get a new ferrier. You get what you pay for and her hooves really need someone who knows what they are doing.
  5. Jens

    Is 1st or 2nd cut hay better for mini's?

    Thaks everyone for your input!
  6. Jens

    It's already been 5 months!

    It's been 5 months since I adopted my 2 rescue mini's and I just wanted to share some before and after pictures. The before pictures were taken the first day I went down to the rescue to meet them and the after pictures were taken in the past couple of days. It's hard to tell they were very...
  7. Jens

    Is 1st or 2nd cut hay better for mini's?

    Is there any way to tell what type of hay I have? I guess I should ask the guy who I bought it from, but he's very hard to get in touch with! I think next year I'll go with 2nd cut. Some of the bales I have are like straw. Maybe I'll just use them on my strawberry plants.
  8. Jens

    Is 1st or 2nd cut hay better for mini's?

    We just bought our hay for the winter and was told it was 1st cut. We bought it for $4 a bail and he sells 2nd cut for $5 a bail which was sold out. Is 2nd cut finer? Some of the hay we got was very coarse and I worry if the mini's will be okay eating it. What cut do you buy?
  9. Jens

    Girth Shopping

    Thanks guys! I ended up ordering one of those fleece lined ones only because I couldn't find any other english ones. I'm on the search for a leather one though. I figured I'd just use the nylon/fleece until I can find something different to replace it with.
  10. Jens

    New here

    Als0, we built a 30' x 40' fenced area off there stalls so they can come out and in as they please. You can see it in my picture. We just finished another fenced area that is 90' x 90' so they can run around and have some grass. They ate the grass in the small area next to the barn in 2 days! LOL
  11. Jens

    New here

    I wouldn't leave much room at all between or under the wall boards, but I would keep the walls and/or door at 36" so he can see out. The more places he can see out the better! We just finished our 2 stall barn and they love being able to see out! : )
  12. Jens

    Girth Shopping

    I'm searching for a good girth for my 38" and 40" mini's. I'm having a hard time finding any leather ones. Would love your thoughts! What's a good size? I've never used nylon before...
  13. Jens

    New here

    Your new guy looks very sweet! We just got our first 2 mini's this spring and this forum has been a wealth of information! I've had large horses most of my life, but don't think I will ever go back! One thing that you will hear often is that horses (large or small) are herd animals and are much...
  14. Jens

    New to driving

    Thank you guys for your help! I think I'll get the pleasure harness to start and also the Easy entry with the 54" shafts! Thanks again! I'm very excited!!
  15. Jens

    New to driving

    Well, basically, I don't plan on doing any showing for a while if ever. But I still want a good quality cart that maybe sits 2 people. We have a long dirt driveway and would want it to also ride nicely on grass. It's just something I want to get into for fun with my kids and family for now, and...
  16. Jens

    New to driving

    Hello! I am new to driving and have 2 minis, 38-40". They are both 4 years old and just started training this spring after I adopted them. I have a trainer helping me but she trains driving to large horses usually. My questions are 1) where is the best place to buy mini driving equipment? 2)...
  17. Jens

    Therapy Work With Minis

    Here is a great therapy horse website: I don't know a ton about therapy horses, but recently called these people to ask advice on how to get started. That is possibly my 3 year plan, as soon as my youngest child starts school in a couple of years. But I'm not sure I have a...
  18. Jens

    Recomended Trainers?

    Where in VT are you? I live in Dorset and don't know anyone else who has mini's! Would love to chat with you!
  19. Jens

    cross ties?

    Many of you seem to use lead ropes...I've seen the twine method before and think that's a smart idea. Especially since my 2 are young rescue horses and have never been tied before, only in the trailer a couple of times The only problem is that since my isle is only 5 feet wide, I was going to...
  20. Jens

    ♥ ♥ ♥ 2012 Foals ♥ ♥ ♥

    Sooooooo cute!!!