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  1. nbark

    Ideas to train mini to side pass

    Side passing is actually quite easy to teach a mini. I start by putting a PVC pole, with colored electrical tape on it in funky patterns (you never know what they will throw at you) on the ground and stand the mini with her belly over the pole. Then I stand beside her and gently push the back...
  2. nbark

    Training three trots

    My instructor uses "trot" for regular trot, "trot on" for working trot, "pace" for extended trot....hope this helps when the time comes...
  3. nbark

    Mini only schooling ADTs

    You are on the list Val...thank you
  4. nbark

    Mini only schooling ADTs

    Hamilton, MA about 2 miles off Rte 128 on Rte 1A...
  5. nbark

    Mini only schooling ADTs

    Hi everyone Marc Johnson is going to be doing a few schooling ADTs for minis only at Ledyard in Hamilton next spring to help minis get more involved in combined driving events. Even if you don't currently drive, you can come and watch and learn how to walk a cones and obstacle course and learn...
  6. nbark

    High level dressage mini appy

    But it shows it can be done!!!!
  7. nbark

    mane and tails

    Easy way...braid the tail, fold it and keep it in a child's tube sock. Cut the top of the tube sock from the top down about four inches. Turn it inside out and put your hand in, grab the braided tail and pull the sock over the tail, take one cut piece and pull it through the tail at the top...
  8. nbark

    High level dressage mini appy
  9. nbark

    Laminatic mare with sore winter feet...

    Hoofwings, they are custom made for each little foot and won't come off, great to use for therapy, driving or any condition that their feet need some protection and cushion....just Google hoofwings and it will come up for you....good luck and hope she feels better..
  10. nbark

    Starting a Pair

    Well put Andrea, couldn't agree more
  11. nbark

    Starting a Pair

    I also have one that is trained and another that needs to be trained. The first thing I did was put them in the round pen together and watched what they did. They ran together side by side, which tells me that they will be good together. I also spoke to my driving trainer who said the best...
  12. nbark

    ADT in Danville, NH

    Well, I am back on the hook....My batteries died because my camera was on video....Sooooo, got a whole lot of footage of the dirt in the indoor ring, the lights, etc, but nothing I can post, because it's a video of dirt...with an occasional view of me and Maggie luv...
  13. nbark

    Boots for minis

    You could also check out , they are really the best for a lot of things minis do...and are made specifically for each foot..
  14. nbark

    Dressage test

    If anyone is interested in a copy of one of the tests, sorry, I didn't save the others on my email, but will in the future, I will be happy to send one to you if you email me...then I can reply with an attachment of it.. for those who would like to practice a dressage driving test. email me at...
  15. nbark

    ADT in Danville, NH

    Thank you. I only have two pictures and one is very fuzzy...but maybe Indis mom can post it for me...It really doesn't show camera battery died after two shots...but for the next ADT I will have new batteries, I promise and maybe get some pictures of us in the cones, our favorite...
  16. nbark

    ADT in Danville, NH

    Yes, Champ took some pictures, but I am not good at adding them here...I will email you some...and thank you.....
  17. nbark

    last ADT, December 6, Danville NH

    The November 15 show was a great turnout for Mary Gray's ADT....but the last one in the Harvest Series is coming up on December 6 and we would really like to get more mini drivers to come and join in. It is a very laid back series and a lot of fun with the obstacles and cones. Holly Pulsifer...
  18. nbark

    cart questions, please chime in if you know the answers

    My A mini pulls me in the Smart Cart and I am 10 lb heavier than Margo and we do trails, ADTs, and someone said, it is only 5 lb more than most carts on the market today but is totally adjustable to balance out for any mini from 30 to 38 (?) I believe. When I bought mine, the dealer...
  19. nbark

    ADT in Danville, NH

    You're a nut!! Thank you my friend...
  20. nbark

    cart questions, please chime in if you know the answers

    You are funny Carolyn, lol I have the smart cart, I named it 401, for obvious reasons and have a little license plate on the back with that number... I do the CDEs and trail drive and I love the smart cart. I too went WAY over budget, robbed the 401 but was the best investment I made because...