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    Image learned something important today....

    Aww they are tooo cute.I cant wait to see Image when he is a grown horse.He is going to be beautiful.He sure is the cutest buckskin i have ever seen.Make sure you post pics of him when he turns 1.loL. P.S. Thanks for the laugh.I love the stories you tell along with your pics.
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    Egyptian King Lined Minis?

    Hi i was looking to see some Egyptian King lined horses before i breed my mare to one of his stallions.I would appreciate it if you could post some pics if u have any.Thanks bye.
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    Born Buckskin, What is she doing???

    I say she is a smutty buckskin.She is very adorable though.
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    Coco in his Hawian costum

    He is tooooo cute in that pic.Hope u win with that.If i was a judge i would pic you.
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    Congrats.That certainly earns bragging rights.I might just have to purchase a copy of it. CONGRATULATIONS
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    Update on jennet with strange lump

    My prayers are with you and your lil girls
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    Introducing our first filly of the year

    Very Cute.She almost reminds me of one of the stallions when they were small
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    Vitamin/Mineral Supplements

    I swear by the Vita Plus by Farnam.That is the greatest stuff i have used.I have used it for about 10 years.I love it.I wish u good luck in the future of choosing what you want to buy.
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    Teeth Question

    I have had a mini loose it's tooth and i checked it's tooth every day and it took it almost 20 days for his tooth to come in.i dont know if this is what u are looking for.
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    Girls in Sunsuits

    OMG they are beautiful.I love horses with blue eyes.Makes them even cuter.Well these girls are dolls .Thanks for sharing. P.S. I wish i had foals that look like them
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    posting show results

    CONGRATS We come home with a Grand Champion Stallion 2 years ago and i was as proud as you.Way to go.That is awesome.
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    Do you think it is fair.......

    Ok thanks you guys.She already has $400 and she said she wanted a mini of her own that she could do whatever she wanted.I will give her $500 out of my money to help her get a good mini.
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    Do you think it is fair.......

    Do u think it is fair to make my 13 year old daughter save $500 dollars of her own money to buy her her very own mini that seh can use to show?