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  1. LeahMurray

    Silly question from the green owner...

    Good point: Dancer has already "told" me quite clearly that the way to his heart is right through his tummy, so this might make life a little easier for the vet in the meantime! I will try it out next time we have to do this -- at the very least, he will get the idea that shots are occasions...
  2. LeahMurray

    Silly question from the green owner...

    Wow, thank you, folks, all kinds of good advice here. I will do the slow and easy way that Reble has suggested, and will only use the harsher methods if emergency dictates in the meantime: Dancer has been getting sacked out for the last six months, and will let me kiss his face (comes up and...
  3. LeahMurray

    Silly question about mare

    Thanks a million, everyone! I agree, she is well fed and cared for where she is, hoofs looked after (heaven knows how, but they are) and everything. Her current owners have more money than I ever will -- I just fell in love with her when I saw her, partly because of her stunning looks in spite...
  4. LeahMurray

    Most beautiful sight on earth

    Gol-lee, she is a little stunner, isn't she!! Congrats, you did great getting this little doll off to a goodf start by praying Marnie and hubby into an appearance just at the right time! Leah M.
  5. LeahMurray

    Silly question from the green owner...

    Hi, folks, Ok, here's the situation: Last year, my youngest horse, Dancer, who is 7-ish and a husky 34" (gelded), had been exposed to a nasty flu bug that was going through the barn, and started to get a runny nose, temp, etc.: vet said give him a couple or three days of his liquid penicillin...
  6. LeahMurray

    Silly question about mare

    Hi, folks, Here's a silly question for you from a newbie: Situation: my boarding stable also provides maternity services, and someone brought over an absolute stunner of a mare who shortly thereafter threw a beautiful little boy. This mare has a head and coat to die for (even completely...
  7. LeahMurray

    Dog Pack trouble

    Tony, I am so sorry to hear of your terrible losses. Whether you find the owners or not, I hope you do manage to kill these dogs: they have developed a preference for livestock, and must be put down, the same as a sheep killing dog. It sounds as if you have a feral pack on your hands, so I am...
  8. LeahMurray

    PLease help me

    Hi, Princess! I use the same outline all the time when I'm doing my planning for my business or for my clients (I'm a business consultant by profession). If you copy and paste this into a MS-Word document, you will be well away on your project, all set up to pull an A+ just by filling in...
  9. LeahMurray

    Do you ever get the "oh you cant be serious" look

    I just grin and say, "Well, without these guys, none of the BIG horses would eat: these are the draft horses that haul round bales AND fresh water every morning to the field horses." I've also been known to say with a dead straight face, "They are MUCH easier to watch tv with than the...
  10. LeahMurray


    You can find out about it here, and make an informed decision as to its safety in your case: Leah M.
  11. LeahMurray

    Last Update On Quest

    Nertz and bafflegab!!! The AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) has taken note of it in formal science reports -- you should email this reference to your Quest rep and ask him why he isn't aware of it, since Fort Dodge had to respond to the FDA in the US about it, and any RESPONSIBLE...
  12. LeahMurray

    Buckskin Color Changes...........Finnigan Pictures!!!

    Zowie, what a knockout! If he ever sires any babies that look like him, I'd love to know about it -- I am absolutely falling in love with him from these pics! Leah M.
  13. LeahMurray

    Calling all owners of senior minis!

    Hi, Leya! Two of my three geldings are now in their early twenties, and I am treating them as seniors to the extent that I make sure they get their dinners separate from everyone else at least every other day and every day if I can arrange it that way, I bought them winter turnout blankets and...
  14. LeahMurray

    Record keeping

    I agree, this is lovely work, especially the organizing format! I have one scrapbook that has all my horses in it, with locks from their manes, show number cards, ribbons, photos, etc. I also have a file folder that has all the vet calls and statements listed in it, along with a chart showing...
  15. LeahMurray

    Anyone wearing blankets in your barn?

    My three and their donkey buddy have been blanketed or rain-sheeted for the last little while: it's been almost steady biting below zero temps here with a lot of rain and freezing rain the few times it goes above zero. My two older ones (now into the elderly ages -- in their early twenties)...
  16. LeahMurray

    Everybodies got a dream, here's mine

    Hi, Triggy! Add me to the list of gelding fans: my three horses all arrived gelded, although the donkey hasn't been yet (he's a shared custody case with my friend, and for various reasons, we haven't done this yet). My three boys are the sweetest, most plucky and giving little horses: I'd...
  17. LeahMurray

    YOUR very first mini! Fun story? Neat memory?

    Well, I don't know how to choose which of my three beautiful boys was the first: they all arrived together 18 months ago, while I was shopping for some sheep. Yes, I know that in JULY it's hard to mistake a miniature horse for a sheep, despite what they look like right now! And the story gets...
  18. LeahMurray

    How many minis do you have?

    I have three miniature horses, one miniature donkey, two miniature Shetland sheep, and a pygmy goat: two normal size cats and one large size dog.... Do I seem confused to you? LOL Leah M.
  19. LeahMurray

    Is Everybody Bored to Tears...?

    Hi, Monette!! I had no probs with your videos either, and also noted the distortion that others have mentioned, but wow!! What stunners your guys are despite the techy issues!! And I may have a clue or two for you about why YOU can't see them, but everyone else can. Same thing happened to...
  20. LeahMurray

    Halloween Contest WINNERS!!!!

    Didn't get mine in on time -- how many entries did we get after all? Here are my guys in some poor quality photos (only ones I could get, as I was in the ring with them and couldn't take any myself) in their costumes! Joshie with Sylvie (purple), Candy Man with Me (blonde in black coat), and...