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  1. Cate L.

    Driving Carts & CDE

    I know that this topic has probably been brought up multiple times but all the threads I can find are pretty old and didn't quite answer my questions. I have a 32" mini mare and am looking into getting her a new cart. I really want to start taking her to some CDE's but I don't think our...
  2. Cate L.

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    I love the sled pictures! It would be so much fun to drive in the snow like that. Where we live it just rains a lot. Remmie added 60 minutes of driving to her time today. She got all dressed up to take a friend of mines kid for a drive on his birthday.
  3. Cate L.

    Driving Me Buggy 2019 Hours!!!

    Hi, so I thought my mini mare Remmie and I would join in the fun. I'm not entirely sure how this logging minute thing works, but so far since the beginning of the year we have driven a total of 360 minutes! Sounds like a lot when you write it out that way but it doesn't seem like it when your...
  4. Cate L.

    Harness Help Please

    Thank you both for the advice! I think I will be going with the standard saddle. :)
  5. Cate L.

    Harness Help Please

    Hello everyone! :) I am a new member on the forum, so I hope I am posting this in the right place. I am looking to buy a new harness saddle for my mini mare. I already know that I will be going with the comfy fit, as I already bought the breast collar a year ago and absolutely love it! However...