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    Selling Bred Mares

    I often wondered the same thing. Around here it seems very popular to breed then sell in foal or exposed to stallion. I believe people think it makes the mare more sellable as a 2 for 1 deal. I see a TON of bred mares for sale.
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    A number of years ago I had a friend that showed in the Quarter Horse circut. Some thought she bragged too much about her mare (so I am told by others) and one day she went down to feed her mare who had a very long flowing tail that she always kept braided and wrapped up CUT OFF right to the...
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    a few updates on Champ

    That is FANTASTIC
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    So Excited!!

    Here in Alberta, I paid $250 to get my mini donkey gelded.
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    Stifle Lock

    Thank you all for your advice. No worries he for sure will be gelded. I am not a breeder, I purchased his dam already in foal and he will be gelded by 6 months of age as all my horses are. I will how ever let the lady know who did breed his dam about the problem as last year was the first year...
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    Stifle Lock

    I went to take my 11 week old colt and his mom out this morning and he was dragging his left hind foot. I lifted his foot and his stifle popped back in to place but kept going out every step or 2. Now that he is out it is staying unlocked for a longer period but I want to do anything I can to...
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    feeding BOSS, a poll and a few questions...

    I feed a 1/4 cup a day to my mini's and 1/2 cup a day to my big horses. I even put a sprinkling in to my 2 month old colts mare and foal. I have been feeding it for about 8 yrs now, never have had a horse colick or choke .. knock on wood !
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    "discounts to show home"

    I have no experience with this but I would tend to lean toward charging a said price (full) and then giving a rebate AFTER the horse has been to say mabye 3 to 5 shows. Offer it as a Show Incentive rather than a discount and put it in your contract that you will refund said amount after the...
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    Judge throws out Felony and Misdemeanor charges!!!

    This whole story just sickens me beyond words. I am willing to chip in money to purchase him from the owners (which galls me to do) if that becomes necasary and then I hope they choke to death on the money. Nothing bothers me more than child or animal abuse when they are totally dependant on...
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    Something I notice my minis do...

    Most of mine are good but I have one mare that likes to SLAM her bucket around in between bites, usually spilling most of her grain. This same mare likes to PEE on the hay as soon as I put it down and turn my back which causes huge amounts of waste and I just got hay feeder bins so she can not...
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    Pet Peeves

    Mine is one I hear often in the saddle horse world, many people call all young horses "colts" regardless of their gender. I was taught a young female horse is a filly and a young male horse is a colt. I have had many conversations that go like Them: I just rode that colt this morning Me...
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    OMG !! This makes me sick

    Maybe I should not have titled my post OMG ! I did not mean to start a post bashing anyone, and how it turned out to be about dairy's I am not sure. I am not anti slaughter, I am however against inhumane treatment of slaughter animals. I am not here to point fingers at who is to blame for this...
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    skunk tails

    SKUNK TAILS !!!! I have NEVER heard of this ... I always just make weird noises ... now I know the insiders secret
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    Jaw deformed on weanling please help!

    That is so sad, hopefully the little guy doesn't have pnumonia and I agree that the lump on the belly definitely sounds like a hernia. Bless you for helping his new owners with him, I hope all turns out well.
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    OMG !! This makes me sick

    I happen to own and show a 5 yr old QH that came from a PMU farm in Alberta. He is registered, well bred, good confo and a wonderful horse.
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    OMG !! This makes me sick

    I am sorry ... I did not mean to start a slaughter debate. I was simply just upset thinking about the poor weanlings I thought of my little 7 week old colt and pictured him being in that situation and it just broke my heart. I am not opposed to slaughter as in todays world with all the...
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    Everyone keep Connie in your thoughts this weekend

    Definitley in my prayers ... Hope for a safe journey for all the people and poor little animals.
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    OMG !! This makes me sick

    Frostedpineminis: It was the Toefield Auction on Aug 28 These three were all purchased by a meat man (sorry don't know which one but possibly the auction mart can tell you) Mini mare exposed to 29" stallion for 2011 sold for meat $190 Mini filly weanling sold for meat $140 Mini colt...
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    OMG !! This makes me sick

    I don't even know what to say about that one Marty! I am off to hug my babies and tell them what a good life they have.