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  1. plaid mare

    Bella is definitely pregnant

    Your grand-baby will have a wonderful friend to grow up with! Good luck with both your new arrivals.
  2. plaid mare

    High blood sugar

    Welcome to the forum! This thread is full of hay sugar intel that I knew nothing about.I had no idea there was a hay probe, nor a site dedicated to testing, ect. Thank-you candycar.
  3. plaid mare

    Hello from Maryland !

    What a cutie!
  4. plaid mare

    Stallion suckling from mare?

    If the mare isn't being bothered by the behavior I wouldn't think it a problem. It might be a comfort behavior, because they are rescues. If she were ready to foal it could be an issue, because of the colostrum.I agree, she could be mom.
  5. plaid mare

    To Clip the Mini or Not?

    My Cully is starting to shed. I'm asking my family for new clippers for my April birthday.
  6. plaid mare

    Australia's wildfires

    Oh, I thought they were everywhere! I am so glad they are not. I have watched the documentaries about how they kill house pets when they make the mistake of eating them. I have cats, dogs,chickens,ect. The thought of them being poisoned really resonated with me.
  7. plaid mare

    Mini mare bullied by goat

    Yeah! A free, and happy mini:p
  8. plaid mare

    Spring Grass

    Thank'you, I never thought of using GasX. I didn't know they came in chewable. Sounds like a better choice!
  9. plaid mare

    Amish Voice Commands

    They do speak Pennsylvania Dutch, but I would imagine the horse would learn your lingo in no time. Horses are so smart and you are so experienced.
  10. plaid mare

    Australia's wildfires

    This is very good news. My sister and I wondered if the fires killed off the nasty cane toads?
  11. plaid mare

    Spring Grass

    I only allow an hour on green grass. In the winter I allow a free graze because there is isn't much of anything to be had. My mini has always been prone to colic. I have spent many a night staying in his stall, heating pad pressed to his stomach. I bought a metal syringe, so I could force olive...
  12. plaid mare

    Drive Me Buggy 2020 Hours

    I just read your post Mindy, and I am so sorry you lost someone you loved.Grief is the worst part of life. My prayers are with you!
  13. plaid mare

    Harness Room Finished!!! Pics

    Very nice! I wish I had ribbons! Tack rooms are a happy place!
  14. plaid mare

    It’s a filly!

    The new mom looks so happy! What a lovely pair!
  15. plaid mare

    2020 projects

    Beautiful work Marsha! I really appreciate the symmetry.
  16. plaid mare

    Lilli´s first pregnancy

    Wow, she is big! She is much larger than the previous video. I am so excited for you both! Please post pictures of the new arrival.
  17. plaid mare

    Hello from Idaho!!

    Welcome! I love the pictures,beautiful!
  18. plaid mare

    Australia's wildfires

    Knights slaying new world dragons