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  1. K Sera

    Aborted fetus

    Sorry for your loss ...I've been through it myself and it sure is hard, especially wondering why it happens like it does.
  2. K Sera

    Happy! Happy! Happy!

    WOW! She is beautiful ...and Congrats!
  3. K Sera

    Our 2013 Foal :)

    Congrats! He's a beauty! Funny how expectations from two parents that have certain color pattern characteristics should surely give you obvious color and you get a solid. It happened to me with my first filly by my frame stallion and tovero mare...silver bay with brown eyes but she does have...
  4. K Sera

    quiessence vs remission

    Well ... it's been over a week with Quiessence and the 2 mares that I got it for ... one in particular that had a very thick crest ... noticeable difference! Her crest is softening and I can feel the fatty tissue breaking up (for lack of a better description). Her attitude is improving as she...
  5. K Sera

    quiessence vs remission

    shorthorsemom ... I am anxious to see the replies on this subject as I am going to start using Quiessence and have switched all minis, except for 2 weanlings that are on Equine Jr., to Triple Crown Lite (which I have to special order). I have two mares who are developing a crest and one who...
  6. K Sera

    She's gone. RIP sweet girl.

    OH how sad! I am so sorry for your loss and was hoping the outcome would be different. She knew you loved her, that you can be sure ...
  7. K Sera

    I'd like to introduce the newest herd member ...

    minimom ... This filly has a head to die for and I personally just can not capture that in a picture like someone else possibly could. She looks so much like her dam. I love the Lucky Four bred horses and I am really glad I decided to get her when I saw her available.
  8. K Sera

    I'd like to introduce the newest herd member ...

    Thanks everyone! DeeDee wasn't impressed at first but is happy to have her by her side today! I think she is going to be real nice and she is settling in. It helps that my girl is one of those "in your pocket" sweethearts ...
  9. K Sera

    I'd like to introduce the newest herd member ...

    I'd also like to add that I live within reasonable driving distance to some well known miniature horse breeders/trainers. As a frequent internet browser of all the farms and having made several internet purchases, I always wonder what places are really like in person. For what it's worth, IMO...
  10. K Sera

    I'd like to introduce the newest herd member ...

    Picked her up yesterday afternoon from Alliance Miniatures and purchased her "before the sale" on the Coast to Coast Auction a few weeks ago. " Alliance Isn't She Lovely" Feb 23, 2013. I wanted a "buddy" for my little girl when it was time to wean her and they are a week apart in age. We are...
  11. K Sera

    On Line Auction

    I just happened to have the link to that auction saved on my desktop ... I got a bidder number just in case but actually purchased a little filly before the auction and will pick her up Friday! She will be my little girls weaning buddy and BFF ... I hope! That the plan anyway Good luck...
  12. K Sera

    On Line Auction

    If it was the Coast to Coast sale .... the starting bid on the cart/harness on that sale was $1,200. and there was no reserve. Fancy Pony Cart with Smuckers Harne Fancy Pony Cart with Smuckers Harne Fancy Pony Cart with Smuckers Harne Lot# 72 : Fancy Pony Cart with Smuckers Harne DOB: N/A...
  13. K Sera


    Robin... My thoughts are with you during this time ... I am so sorry
  14. K Sera


    33 for me please!
  15. K Sera

    Ladykminiature, IM BACK !!!!!!!!!! Val Foaled!!!!!! filly Mandy colt 5/2....and more to come

    Liz ... I do stop in every day and look .... WOW! My little Dee Dee is 3 weeks old today and I can't believe she is that old already. I don't mean to rub that in ... I just got to hand it to you and everyone still waiting and watching! Diane is right .... you win in the end! I can't wait to...
  16. K Sera

    Huybers Utopia - Nellie and Ladybug Due early to mid april

    I'm lurking in the background .....anxiously waiting and excited for you as well, but ..... glad mine is over! Come on!!!!!!
  17. K Sera

    Chat Board "Nursery" - post pics of foals born with help from this board

    Introducing LT RockIts Afternoon Delite "Dee Dee" March 1, 2013 Silver Bay Overo Filly Lucky Four Rebels Rainbows N Roses (Sids Rebel Daughter) X LT Awesomes Mister RockIt Man (CC Call Me Awesome Son)
  18. K Sera


    I want to get some better pics, like everyone does ... but sitting here thinking of names this just hit me ... LT RockIts Afternoon Delite "Dee Dee" What do ya'll think?
  19. K Sera


    I am going to go out and turn it off this evening .... I say silver bay because sire is Homozygous for black and dam carries a copy of silver
  20. K Sera


    ]I had been watching her on the cam and noticed the same thing ... then the cam went off. Then I checked it again and there she was pacing, circling, pooping, layed down, got up, layed down, got up. I sent a text to my daughter in law and asked if she was watching and told her what was going...