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    Equine Mortiality Insurance Carriers

    I'd also be interested if anyone has major medical (for colic surgery) as well?
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    Ok so I was deleted on facebook ?driving class judges

    So just to play devil's advocate here, what is a "true country" horse and a "true pleasure" horse? So the rulebook says: 1.9 Pleasure Driving A. Class Conditions 1. Ring Procedure: Pleasure driving horses are to enter the ring counter-clockwise (to the right) at a pleasure trot. To be shown...
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    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    Yes, I had heard this, and this is a fantastic step in the right direction! But it's going to take promotion from all levels in the industry (judges and trainers included) to view these as worthwhile classes to include in the showbill. More food for thought: Others have mentioned the value of...
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    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I'd like to piggy back on Marty and other's comments about showing and I've love to see an overall perspective change towards training the miniature horse. Coming from the the "big horse" show world we spend hours working on our showmanship, trail/obstacle, and dressage work with our horses...
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    Area VI show

    Thanks Donna, I know I've had a horse in those classes the last few years (as well as the Palas family) so it would be disappointing to not have them. Thank you guys for always putting on a great show (even when it floods!) and I'm sure this year will be no different! Chelsie
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    Area VI show

    Looking for ASPC hunter and jumper . . .
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    Area VI show

    Am I being blind? But I don't see any hunter or jumper for the ponies . . . that would be very disappointing if true, we have god knows how many halter classes, with every split, and then cut out performance classes.
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    Looking for a congress show bill from 2013

    Hi Zelda, The 2014 class list is already available here: Hope this helps!
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    Show Fitting a Broodmare

    I totally agree with Disney Horse: diet and exercise. For a brood mare (or any unfit horse really) the biggest things are going to be building up the muscles in her top line and engaging her hindquarters. Lunging and ground driving over trot poles, small cavalettis and hills if you have any...
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    Area VI national show

    A FANTASTIC facility! Looking forward to bringing the minis and ponies!
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    Minnesota July show in 2014?

    It is my understanding as well that they are not hosting a show this year. However I believe the Sansevere's are still planning on hosting 1-2 AMHR performance only shows at their personal facility in Buffalo, MN. These are always a blast and very youth and amateur friendly!
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    Quiet here--Anyone driving this winter?

    It's been pretty cold here in WI (single digits all week), but it was in the low 20's on Saturday so we drove in the indoor arena. Here's my classic shetland gelding "Oneka's Here Comes Trouble" practicing some obstacles. He was pretty unfazed with my fake bridge, flowers, AND we didn't knock...
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    A or B, which do you prefer?

    We have had a little bit of everything over the years (our first mini was a 29" mare) but we mostly drive and jump and tend to like B's better. Provided this last sale goes through we are, for the first, time split evenly between minis and shetlands (we've always had mostly minis). In a...
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    watching the driving classes at Worlds

    100% agree with Minimor. I had been working on an answer to this and she said it perfectly. Unfortunately it needs to start with our trainers and judges. I so badly wish more emphasis in our mini/pony world was put into the training of the horse as opposed it it's natural ability. (soap...
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    When Reversing : Pivot or Turn Wide?

    I generally do the 'tear-drop' shaped reverse: swing wide enough to the inside to not slow or quicken your horse's pace or cause them to toss their head, and gradually make your way back to the rail, which results in a tear-drop shape. Of course this can get tricky with an arena full of horses...
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    My shetland does 4 miles easily, mostly trotting in the arena and fields. I'm hoping to get some longer drives in either this fall or next summer.
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    How much for a beginner safe driving horse?

    I wish everyone remembered this. I bet I get 5 emails/comments a month from people wanting a dead-broke driving mini . . . for $500 or less. The real kicker is when they say 'oh it doesn't have to be quality or fancy'. Just how easily can a poor-quality mini, I know I see some bad ones on...
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    How much for a beginner safe driving horse?

    $1000 minimum for something broke, sound, and safe. You can pay less, there are certainly deals out there, but less than $1000 for something that is broke, sound and beginner safe is a red flag to me, whether it's a mini or a riding horse.
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    Skunk River Driving Trial

    Hi Everyone! I am volunteering with the show on Saturday (I'll be in the Cones area) to watch and learn. Anyone going? I'd love to meet some of you in person and see your turnouts, minis/ponies, and generally pick your brains about CDEs/HDTs. I hope to have a small pony and possibly a VSE ready...
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    Dying manes and tails

    Before we begin dying I rub lotion (just the unscented, cheap big tub) all along their necks, buttocks, hocks, and by the poll, really anywhere that the dye may drip. The lotion helps prevent the dye from soaking into the hair on the body (keep a small towel handy to wipe off drips). We also...