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  1. Marty

    missing members

    I got a message today to report to the forum. There have been huge changes in my family. My wonderful son Daniel is now a single dad staying with us temporarily and our precious little granddaughter (3) lives here with us at least 3+ weeks out of the month. That is where my focus is full time...
  2. Marty


    I have one of those too! Its very upsettingto watch her drive herself crazy. I really don't know what it is and I've done a process of elimination time and time again. The food was one culprit and then I finally tried some human medicated shampoo. I think she is allergic to certain shampoos and...
  3. Marty

    Some questions about senior horses

    You can also make one out of a piece of sheepskin
  4. Marty

    Fat minis and contradictory farrier advice

    I still would love to see pictures. Maryann you crack me up
  5. Marty

    Thanksgiving at our house, for everyone

    That's beautiful!
  6. Marty

    I hate drama

    I'm so sorry but think positive thoughts. Let's hope for the best news ever.
  7. Marty

    Locks of Love for cancer patients

    Two very dear friends of mine have been going through a horrible ordeal fighting cancer. I grew up with one of them and we've been friends since we are 4 years old. She has lung cancer and her days are now numbered. My other friend has been close to me for a good 20 years and she has cervical...
  8. Marty

    Fat minis and contradictory farrier advice

    Post a picture of the horse with his head up off the ground in a natural position
  9. Marty

    My Secret Shame: Laminitus!

    Please don't feel so guilty. This happens to the most well taken care of horses. The grass here has been growing crazy this summer and its been very wet. I can't believe we have been out there mowing the fields every single weekend so mine couldn't go out on the grass more than 3 hours a day...
  10. Marty

    Feeding Mini's

    Monitor their time on grass and when they aren't on grass feed some good quality hay. Provide a salt and mineral block and clean fresh water. Safe Choice has a good line of feeds that helps guard against too much starch and sugars. I feed treats like maybe fresh chopped up carrots or...
  11. Marty

    New minis!!!! Pregnant???

    Get a test!
  12. Marty

    What stallion behavior is acceptable?

    Its nice he is behaved on the lead so that tells me you've done your end of the job quite well. . However when he is loose under his own steam, I wouldn't give 2 cents for a stallion that acted like that at all. I would be constantly worried he is going to get himself hung up and hurt somehow on...
  13. Marty

    Our New Mini's - The Beginning

    Welcome and best wishes! One of them looks pregnant to me. Any chance of that?
  14. Marty

    Is anyone here camera savvy?

    I bought a Canon.......
  15. Marty

    Is anyone here camera savvy?

    I've been on all the trouble shooting forums, tried some self helps, and it doesn't look too good. sigh...
  16. Marty

    It's Been Over SIX Years!!!!

    LAURALEE!!!!!omg It's been like forever!!!!!!!!
  17. Marty

    Coupons and stock piling and saving money

    Updating! We just had our tax free weekend here in Tennessee and I took full advantage of it. I went CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! I was sooo not in the mood of course and it was almost a downer, but when the holidays roll around I think I'll be gloating a sigh of relief. I went to Kohls and they had a...
  18. Marty

    Is anyone here camera savvy?

    Before I send them off I just wanted to check and see if anyone here had a clue about what I can do to fix my camera by myself. Its a Kodak easyshare, (Z812IS)a few years old and one day it just flat out quit. The lens will not push out so I assumed low battery and replaced it and still it won't...
  19. Marty

    Could she be bred??

    She looks pregnant to me and I'd be getting an ultrasound on her quickly. As far as that trainer, bahhhhh ridiculous that any horse should be ribby. I would steer clear of him.
  20. Marty

    Coupons and stock piling and saving money

    Today I saved a good amount of $ just on coupons. I got Suave and Aussie conditioner and shampoo for a quarter each. Saved on toilet paper and paper towels and laundry detergent so I"m on a good roll. Everyone watch this video and here's your coupons...