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  1. Kales mini

    Kales mini

    my pet minis!
  2. kales

    Registering a mare with amha

    I printed that off, but not sure I do registration application and the DNA form and that's it? Also is it the end of the world if I don't have the breeder cert?? The owner of the stallion did record it in his stallion report.
  3. kales

    Registering a mare with amha

    I need some help in the steps on how to register a 5 year old mare that I have. I just sadly never got around to do it until now... Both her sire and dam are DNA tested. What are the steps I need to take and what is the cost so I can make the cheque for the proper amount? Thank you!!
  4. kales

    AMHA lookup

    Hey guys, I finally got the amha papers from my rescued mare. Can you look up info on AMHA mares? Was just curious of her past and how many foals she has had. Thanks.
  5. kales

    Dogwood acres??

    Hi there, Does anyone have a contact or website for dogwood acres owned by Dennis Jack? Not sure if their farm is still around. Just wanting to contact them with an update with one of their old minis Thank you!
  6. kales

    Decided to geld my fave guy

    Congrats! I'm sure he will do awesome as a gelding!!!
  7. kales

    My new donkey :)

    It's been years since I last had a donkey, but I just purchased one from friends of ours. She is the cutest and sweetest little girl! She was with a jack from march 30-may 12tg. My question is when will I be able to have her preg checked? Yes, my vet has small hands. I want to be able to know...
  8. kales

    Same Sex Marriage / Same Sex Unions (POLL)

    I went for #1 To each their own opinion, but I'm surprised more haven't voted for #1. Thought it would be higher. In my opinion it's no one business who you choose to be with. My aunt finally came out to us about 5 yrs ago. We knew, but were waiting until she was comfortable telling us. It was...
  9. kales

    AMHA reg pros!

    Yes, both dam and sire are DNA tested already. Thanks guys!
  10. kales

    AMHA reg pros!

    Oh one more lol Do I need to DNA test the dam of this horse as well? Thanks
  11. kales

    AMHA reg pros!

    Thanks so much guys
  12. kales

    AMHA reg pros!

    Ok all you paper work pros I need your help! I'm registering my 7 year old mare that I bred...only took me 7 yrs to get on the paper work :p So I own the dam still and I'm the AMHA registered owner on the dams papers. I just filled out and payed online for my new amha membership since it...
  13. kales

    Best Ideals to halter breaking foals

    Love and TLC from day one! Gets their trust and makes it so much easier! Help to lead mom around so baby follows. Horses are natural followers and the foals are so curious of people. I would give me foal scratches and then move a few steps back (no halter) and then when she came to me tell her...
  14. kales

    online horse auctions

    OK so not trying to step on anyones toes, but I just don't know if I agree with the online mini horse auctions. You have no idea the people or place your horses is going to go, or the transportation it will go through to get there. I would personally never sell mine at auction let alone an...
  15. kales

    AMHA website

    Anyone else having torubles getting on the AMHA website or is it my computer acting up? Thanks
  16. kales

    2012 Circle J Foals

    Congrats!!!!!! Beautiful!!!
  17. kales

    Can this mare do some fun shows?

    Thanks for all the tips and support guys!!! I always find help and encouraging words on this forum!
  18. kales

    Can this mare do some fun shows?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if my mare would be able to do some fun shows in halter. I'm not the best when it comes to halter and I know she's not top of the line show horse and I'm not "barn blind" so no my feelings won't be hurt. I look at it as a learning experience. She is still sheading out...
  19. kales

    Scavenger Hunt for SEMM

    Great cause!
  20. kales

    Mare behavior

    Ok new question same topic. Now the new mare is lifting her tail and peeing by our gelding! Lol! Is she thinking he's a stud? Funny thing is he looks so confused by it haha! Will she give this up after awhile? As if with all the snow melting the pens werent wet enough haha!