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  1. K

    He's soooooo sexy

    I would too like to know more about that color, my mini stud is the exact same, also has a line back. Since he's not registered I don't have a "name" for his color, nor do I have any colors for his dam or sire. My studs mane does that same wavy curl and if not kept long in the front he looks...
  2. K

    OK, we moved and I'm "the new kid" here

    Sorry About my rant, guess I took something out on you that I shouldn't have. I have had ppl in the past sneer at me when I say I breed unregistered minis. I breed for myself, not for profit, nor to sell to any potential owner. I hope things get better for you though, I know how it is when...
  3. K

    OK, we moved and I'm "the new kid" here

    Anne, I'm sorry to hear about your experiences with your new neighbors. Keep educating them as much as possible!! I am an owner of a small herd of unregistered mini's, but I have educated myself, and am VERY picky as to who I would sell to. So far I have not sold any, nor do I plan to sell...
  4. K

    Rebuilding Muscle Tone

    Thanks for the information, I did think the supplements would be a bit much, that's why I came here first. I will have to look into the Buckeye, around here the feed stores carry manely Nutrena or Purina. We buy our feed direct from a mill in our area, they mix there own sweet feed and the 14%...
  5. K

    Rebuilding Muscle Tone

    Yes, Angie is right, the vet check has aged him at 2. Upon getting home I began him on Purina Equine Junior and have slowly switched him to a 14% protein sweet feed that all my adults get. He has muscular atrophy for the same reason as you mentioned Kay, he was malnuritied(SP) and not properly...
  6. K

    Rebuilding Muscle Tone

    I need some advice on helping my colt rebuild lost muscle tone in the hindquarters. I picked him up in May at the auction in St. Tammany and he has been flourishing as far as putting on his weight and learning to trust us and the other horses, but it seems his muscle tone is still lacking...
  7. K

    Mini adoption/auction

    Hi All Newbie Here I learned about the auction through Angie and we purchased a colt there on saturday. I am the person she spoke of concerning other mini's I transported. Angie asked if I would post pictures of the colt we picked up. We named him Mickey Blue Eyes, he is in fair condition...