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  1. Sun Runner Stables

    Question on value of used things.

    I've tried, with various and mostly vague results. Any advice or pointers would be very much appreciated, and I apologize for the inappropriate misconstruction of my precious post.
  2. Sun Runner Stables

    Question on value of used things.

    I am slowly going through all my old show stuff. If anyone could point me in the correct direction of where to look to figure out current pricing on things I'd be thankful. This is not an ad, I'm just looking for guidance. It's been fun seeing everyone's photos again, I've been gone for...
  3. Sun Runner Stables

    Dreams do come true

    Congrats on all your wins!!!!!!!
  4. Sun Runner Stables

    Well... We got two More friesians...

    I am thinking I am going to have to post some photos to get some love! LOL! I'll share some as they are unloaded next weekend!
  5. Sun Runner Stables

    Well... We got two More friesians...

    That we have decided to sell down almost all of our minis. I finally put my big girl pants on and did their ad, but I am already sad at the idea of them leaving. I'm keeping my stallion, and two of my favorite mares. I keep telling myself at least we are keeping those 3, but it's still a little...
  6. Sun Runner Stables

    Hello and some questions

    Glad you found your way here! Sorry no one seems to know who is the breeder though of your two upgrades! (Yes this is Whitney )
  7. Sun Runner Stables

    Foaling Monitor System

    I use the Foal Alert system- which can be a little pricey to purchase. However it's worked very well for me over the years.
  8. Sun Runner Stables

    We have a FOAL!!!!

    Congrats! Pictures sir!
  9. Sun Runner Stables


    My heart just goes out to his people. He was an incredible horse.
  10. Sun Runner Stables

    From Tragedy to Blessings

    The pictures are just priceless. What a wonderful thing! Mini horse folks can just be wonderful!
  11. Sun Runner Stables

    My rag doll is 13 weeks old

    She's beautiful!
  12. Sun Runner Stables

    Borrowed a nice camera so went crazy

    Love that last of the buckskin paint! Looks like they are floating!
  13. Sun Runner Stables

    A few foal pic's from baby's first day out-

    Since I'd rather not clog up the board, I'll just post the few I couldn't resist sharing of her here. She's such a little dork! Her current thing is to 'baby mouth" at me- I couldn't catch her on camera doing it- but here's a few of her investigating the offensive sandal!
  14. Sun Runner Stables

    Anyone know where Wardance is?

    Thank you thank you! Maybe not this season or next... but I Will have one dang it!
  15. Sun Runner Stables

    Just want a critique

    I am with Jill and the other's who really like that hip! She has a very balanced overall look to me- but I am also a fan of the RHA horses in general. With some conditioning I am sure she'd do just fine! (And I'd love that hip on a 30 some odd inch version to breed to my stud who looks like a...
  16. Sun Runner Stables

    RIP Sonny

    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words that make a loss any easier... I just wish there were *huge hugs*
  17. Sun Runner Stables

    Anyone know where Wardance is?

    I've always wanted to add a Wardance direct daughter to my herd, and was drooling over a few at Buckeye Walnut Creek Farm! But that got me wondering- Who has him currently? Did he pass and I missed it? Thanks in advance!
  18. Sun Runner Stables

    New Filly!

    Congrats on your healthy pretty filly!
  19. Sun Runner Stables

    Show plans 2011

    I have got a really really fabulous tall yearling filly sitting in the pasture that Needs to go be seen. If we can figure it out in the finances, she will head to a trainer, and be shown. Asides that, we have a local show that isn't sanctioned that starts up after the summer that we will show...
  20. Sun Runner Stables

    Goat and Horse duel

    My Niggies are pretty teensy- (think 25-30lb range) I could easily see how the big goats could hurt you, or anything with horns. I don't think I thought about the horns though! All of mine are disbudded at birth/dehorned when I get them if otherwise. To make it even better, I only have one...