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  1. Mini Love

    Pasture Pro - best SAFE weed killer out there!!!

    My pasture was nothing but weeda, we have bad sandy rocky soil. So I bought & used the Pasture Pro Plus about 2 months ago, it was around 60.00for 4 gl. I used it in large spot areas ( i was afriad to do it all ) I put it on at least 1/2 of there pasture. It did not affect any of the miniature...
  2. Mini Love

    Our Latest Rescue, a little colt

    Oh my poor thing, So glad he was helped & is in Loving hands.
  3. Mini Love

    Our 1st on the Farm foal. So He does know what to do :)

    Wow it has been so long since i posted, My heard is of rescues, different times different places. But this New Lil boy was made and deliverd here. All this time we thought Booker ( the only stud & 4 years old ) didnt know what he was doing, never even seen him close to doing the deed. Our...
  4. Mini Love

    Mini Mules anyone?

    SWEETEST looking thing - We are wanting to do a small herd of mini donkeys 3 or 4. I am hoping to find some deals this winter when people want to thin there herds. Thank You for sharing your pic's
  5. Mini Love

    Happy Birthday Rabbit.

    WOW he looks GREAT for 32 years young RABBIT. & Must give you credit, you have taken VERY good care of .. &&& he LOVE's Ya for sure.
  6. Mini Love

    Hoof Length

    :yeahGreat News.. so glad you found someone you can trust & feel good about there work. I am sure she feels much beeter
  7. Mini Love

    Our mare Whitney's transformation

    They look GREAT... Good Job
  8. Mini Love

    Stifle problem

    If he did not show this before, it may have been the trim I have been through a case of stifle Lock in a 2 to 3 month old rescue - He came to with out his mare, under weight filled with worms BUT no Stifle Lock Farrier came a week or so after we got him and in a few day's Stifle Lock - I had the...
  9. Mini Love

    HELP My mare hates me

    She is going to need time, he was her buddy for 15 months, she is sad.. I would just pull up a chair and sit beside the fence she will come back around after her sad feelings part. Do you have other horses.. Maybe have her near them. They dont do well alone & if you do have others, she still...
  10. Mini Love


    Congrats Renee it was fun fishing with you & the others
  11. Mini Love


    Fishing today for 36
  12. Mini Love

    She's here! She's here! Photo added

    Yes she is a sweety
  13. Mini Love


    I will go with 6
  14. Mini Love

    Hard keeper mini mare

  15. Mini Love

    Hard keeper mini mare

    I want to THANK YOU for helping her.. I should have said that 1st.. she reminds me of my rescue Stormy she was an app and she had moon blindnees comon in app.. There are eye creams for it, It would have to be from the vet. Plus you would need the vet to say what it is... Hard to tell whats...
  16. Mini Love

    Hoof Length

    I cant answer your questions but i wanted to add GOOD for you if i could do mine I would, & Your not mean, I have had the same issues with farriers My one Girl all most founder becasue of his chop jobs, I went with a TRUE Bare foot Trimmer who works with mini's & owns some. I am so please with...
  17. Mini Love

    Hard keeper mini mare

    Poor thing, she looks like she has app in her.. is she blind or moon blindness? Looking at the pic's the 3rd one she really looks bad, The meddle ones shows she is turning around. You say crippled? why? Her stand looks like she is older and was a brood mare for some time, I say that only...
  18. Mini Love

    Are sweet gum tree's toxic?

    Yea I thank thats a good idea to rake them up. We only have 1 in the pasture the others are on the out side and away from the fence line But give off shade through the day. so I will be raking them up, the ball things might be the seeds to I dont want any more then i have.. We have so many trees...
  19. Mini Love

    Our Cheep Carport / Mini Barn

    I will get some pic's... But there not much to it, Just all open so you seen the wood, we have 5 solar lights & 2 hay racks. TY
  20. Mini Love

    Are sweet gum tree's toxic?

    Thank You - It is in there pasture, they can reach the leaves I hope the dont bite at taste the bark.. I could see it now my fatties walking around chewing gum They will chew to taste everything.. so far the bark is fine. Thanks again