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  1. Suzie

    Looking for picture of Little Kings Bullet Buckeroo

    I am getting a mare with Little Kings Bullet Buckeroo in her pedigree. 29" silver bay. I would love a picture of him. He is mentioned on many websites but no pictures. TIA!
  2. Suzie

    AMHA look up please

    Kegley's Kiss 4G Rose Thanks!!
  3. Suzie

    Loss to the small equine world

    Sorry for their loss.
  4. Suzie

    AMHR Stud color genetic info - how to get tested

    I just got back genetic testing for my colt. I asked for full panel. $95.00. Well worth it. He is a black-based horse with one silver gene and 2 cream genes. (Smokey silver cream). I would never have known from his dam and sire looks.
  5. Suzie


    A friend lost 2 big horses to persimmons. Be careful!!
  6. Suzie

    Post/Share your 2014 Mini Horse Foals - Photos & Videos Welcome!

    I am super slow in getting my spring foals on here. Been sick this year and finally getting caught up! We had 4 foals - 2 fillies and 2 colts-all great. 3 light ones and 1 dark one. Silver Belle Farms Cleopatra (White Russian great granddaughter) Palomino Silver Belle Farms Alex the...
  7. Suzie

    Mini Fetus Development Webpage- still used for reference?

    Yes- even after all these years, I still double check on it. )
  8. Suzie

    How many have stopped breeding?

    We took a hiatus from breeding for a couple of years due to a couple of reasons. We had a barn full. If it does not have a stall, it is not here. My health took a downturn for a while (now on the upswing-Thankfully). But we have several mares bred for 2014. Our lines are just too good to...
  9. Suzie

    why oh why!?!

    I agree with both sides of the discussion, but as a farm owner and breeder, I think it is my responsibility when someone new comes to me with a request to buy a horse to listen to what they tell me they want and try to find the best match for them. Sometimes that is an impossible dream. I know...
  10. Suzie

    Look up please- AMHA and AMHR

    Looking for a record of foals for AMHA 263952A Jimmy Deans Blossom and AMHR A 161841- Jimmy Deans Blossom. Thanks in advance!!!
  11. Suzie

    Wow! and Gestation Question for Mini Mule breeders

    We breed mini donkeys here. Our jennys take 365+ days. One always goes a bit longer, nearly 13 months. Please be sure an post pics!
  12. Suzie

    Working smaller minis? (Under 28") EDIT: New Pics Pg. 2

    Check out my website for jobs for small horses. My 28" stallion drives like a top! They love having a job.
  13. Suzie

    Educating the public

    We have done parades, vacation Bible schools, about anything. People love the minis. We drive on country roads and people stop and ask too. We are promoting a miniature horse/draft horse fun show locally on June 8, 2013 to show that minis are just as good as the big, big boys....I was just...
  14. Suzie

    Blind Mini, looking for tips.

    How about braiding a braid in the companion mare's mane and braiding in a red ribbon with bell attached? This time of year with mutual grooming, they may rub it out but at least the bell will have a red ribbon to locate it in the pasture.
  15. Suzie

    Blind Mini, looking for tips.

    We have two blind horses here and a blind dog too. The bell is the best idea. Horses do use smell, so if you have a way of marking boundries with a special smell it might help. My vet gave us the same advice as above. Horses don't miss their sight like humans. They just adapt and move on...
  16. Suzie

    Help! Need to bring members back into club....

    We just started a new club last spring. It is a hard thing to do. We offered refreshments at our meetings, did not "pressure" folks to join...tried to LISTEN to what attending folks wanted to do and follow through. If you can offer a website for them to visit and post, that helps. Don't be a...
  17. Suzie


    Thanks to all who donated and all who bid! The auction is now over and lots of folks got some great bargains for a great cause! Please remember to keep the Harts in your thoughts and prayers during this busy holiday season. AGAIN- THANKS!!!
  18. Suzie


    BENEFIT AUCTION FOR VICKI HART ENDS DEC. 20th Vicki will be seeing a specialist this morning. The auction will be ending on Dec. 20th. If you'd like to help us meet Vicki Hart's deductible please bid now. You can also make donations through PayPal - [email protected] There are still...
  19. Suzie


    If you don't want to donate or bid on an item, a donation would be wonderful ($5 will make a HUGE difference!) Remember, even if you can't afford to help out financially- YOUR PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED! Theresa Wyatt helped set up a PayPal account- PAYPAL look up [email protected] donate...