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  1. bucksfizz

    Whinny Warmers

    I am a UK I allowed to say that? any questions feel free to pm me, they still recommend waterproofing, and after many trials, they do indeed stay up on my own horses as you can see from the video clip, no alterations or gizmos
  2. bucksfizz

    Whinny Warmers

    They certainly stay up, I just love them!
  3. bucksfizz

    Whinny Warmers

  4. bucksfizz

    for talking sake

    My "dream".....a homozygous spotted filly or mare. I will know her when i see her!!
  5. bucksfizz


    Thankyou!>.yes ..I do have the same manual. I didnt clip though, so will try that next, I do use lots of jelly but didnt think of the fly spray!! I just need to get my head round all those lights, I didnt realise there would be quite so many. I will plug on with it, Thanks again Fizz
  6. bucksfizz


  7. bucksfizz


    Hi..thank yes I did think of that, but to be perfectly honest with you...really wanted some input from real people working these machines on their own studs? Sometimes find they give a far better explanation than the sales people . Anyway no joy so far no reply....
  8. bucksfizz


    Help you guys lol! I went out into the field this morning for a good session and have to say Im hopelessly confused. Am I doing something wrong?...but all my mares seem to be flashing all kind sof lights at me, I think I get one long line ,...indicating pregnancy then she turns her head at me...
  9. bucksfizz

    How did you get involved with minis??

    He he...reading this, it dawns on me, Rabbitsfizz must have seen it all!!
  10. bucksfizz

    Where is the breed going?

    Yes, very well said margo. I am afraid that in time the miniature world will breed itself out. There are too many faults in the miniature already, and trying to breed ultra refined teeny weenys is not going to last. a judge and as a breeder, I have seen it all...some absolutely...
  11. bucksfizz

    Mini's and Chickens

    I have chicks and minis in the only huge concern is that you do need to be aware that the chick crumb you feed to chicks under 6 weeks of age is absolutely deadly to any equine. To my ignrance as a new chicken owner I paid fearfully for my own ignorance and very nearly lost a new born...