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  1. SugaryCharm

    Horse-Related Injuries

    For me, this is a timely topic, as I am currently dealing with a broken ankle. My biggie was acting a little spunky under saddle so I got off and started lunging him. I was trying to get him loping without bucking and being a nut when he lost his head and decided to leave town. Knowing...
  2. SugaryCharm

    Shaved Ice Stands

    I looooove a good snowcone--the kind with soft, finely shaved ice instead of the "pellets" you find at some of the snowcone stands. It makes a huge difference IMO. "Wedding cake" used to be my favorite flavor, but has recently been replaced with "tropics" with cream (vanilla coffee creamer)...
  3. SugaryCharm

    New White Spots

    Was he ill or acting "off" at any time before the spots appeared? Late-in-life white spots like the ones pictured are sometimes a byproduct of fungal infections. If you do a Google image search for "horse fungal white" there are a few pics of big horses displaying this phenomenon. Sometimes...
  4. SugaryCharm


    I am curious about this too, as I was going to order some for my horses until I read a couple reviews on Jeffers that said it burned their horses! EEK! I'd rather deal with ticks than chemical-burned hide...
  5. SugaryCharm

    feed and travel question

    I agree that any feed change should be made gradually, if possible, so you might taper down your grain feeding (over the course of 3-7 days) before your trip and then slowly start them back on it (if you are going to do that) when you arrive. In reply to your electrolyte question, SmartPak has...
  6. SugaryCharm

    I have chickens

    I'm sorry to read of your loss--that sounds like a lovely tribute to your grandfather. I love to watch all kinds of baby animals grow--bunnies, chicks, horses (of course!), puppies, kittens...they are all a joy. Very cute pictures! I especially like the one of the chick hiding in your hen's...
  7. SugaryCharm

    Appropriate Pasture Mates

    I think with regards to equine companions (either donkeys or ponies), it depends on the size of the mini as well as the size of the companion. Putting a 48" pony/donkey in with a 35" mini is a little different than putting the same pony/donkey in with a 28" mini. Regarding goats/sheep, I'd say...
  8. SugaryCharm

    Eye Question

    Did the mare come to you with this problem, or did it start recently? My mares started (I'm guessing) rubbing their eyes a few weeks ago, resulting in outer eye area swelling/inflammation but without the accompanying inner swelling your mare has. I went the Vetericyn route and also now make...
  9. SugaryCharm

    Anyone Hit in Oklahoma? Check in...

    We're OK...though we did have one of the smaller tornadoes pass about 4 miles north of us. That was a little scary. Has anyone heard from REO? I believe they are in the central OK area that was hit the worst. Hoping everyone is OK!
  10. SugaryCharm

    A Mini on an epic quest...

    Bravo--that was really neat! I liked the song choice too--what is the name of the song/artist?
  11. SugaryCharm

    Wormers-Do's and Don'ts?

    While we're on the subject of encysted strongyles and tapeworms...I read somewhere that there is a season (don't remember which one) when you do NOT want to worm for encysteds because if you do, too many will release at once and could make the horse ill? I hadn't heard that before but was...
  12. SugaryCharm

    a upsetting visitor

    Marty, that is an unfortunate story that occurs in numerous variations all too frequently. I am all for getting new people involved with equines (and I realize there is a certain learning curve involved; kudos to anyone making an effort to educate themselves) but the ones like those in your...
  13. SugaryCharm

    Horse-handler "fit"

    Thanks to all who responded and/or shared a I feel a bit silly for agonizing over the decision so long! I think it was a combination of factors that was making it so tough to decide, including but not limited to my "big plans" for the mare, feeling like a "failure" as a handler for...
  14. SugaryCharm

    It's Friday, and I'm here!

    Chanda, did you add any sweetener to your smoothie? I think there is normally quite a bit of sugar added to commercial smoothies so just yogurt + fruit might be a bit shocking if you're not used to it! I hope your calf pulls through. I laughed reading about your "horse poop dust!" I've...
  15. SugaryCharm

    Horse-handler "fit"

    I have been weighing the difficult decision to sell one of my mares. The logical part of me says that it is time to sell her and move on, as I often do not enjoy handling her (personality clash, grumpy/aggressive, stubborn mare) and she has injured me a couple of times now (out of aggression...
  16. SugaryCharm

    It's Friday, and I'm here!

    Sara I hope you are feeling better now that you are finishing up your antibiotics. I hope your next week is better! 4 lbs, go Angie!! Stay strong. I got back to my workouts Wednesday like I promised myself I would...ouch, that was a rude awakening after being "off" nearly a week! We have not...
  17. SugaryCharm

    Can I have thoughts/advice on helping an abused horse to trust again?

    While I don't agree with every NH principle/method out there, I think some Clinton Anderson-style desensitization could really help this little guy. This in conjunction with Marty and Supaspot's suggestions of some gentle "babying" might help bring him around. Best of luck to you both
  18. SugaryCharm


    Thanks Jacks! Flan is basically vanilla custard with a caramel-ish topping. You can get it at a lot of Mexican restaurants but the taste varies widely depending on how they make it. If you'd like to try making it yourself, the box mixes are normally with the Jello at the grocery store (or...
  19. SugaryCharm


    Angie, that sounds like a good horse show food plan. I was so worried about forgetting to pack some essential horse-item that it didn't occur to me to take anything for myself to eat! I did try to stick with high-protein breakfast items and I stocked up on fruit from the hotel too, but we...
  20. SugaryCharm

    What games are you playing right now on your phone/tablet

    I have been playing mostly "Wonderlines" the past couple weeks. I like a lot of the "Bejeweled" or "bubble" type games and this one is no exception. Simple, soothing and fun IMO.