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  1. Shauna

    Anyone here who could help me identify...

    Well, here's my guess. The ones with the different colored strip up the middle of the head are Aracaunas that lay the colored eggs. It's hard to tell on the darker ones, but if they have the strip, they could be Aracaunas too. The reddish tans are Rhode Island Reds, and the white in the front...
  2. Shauna

    "Scooting" --Picture now available of Lola

    Hi, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. You have probably found info on the internet by now. I just did a search on feeding a raw diet to dogs on the internet. It is actually called B.A.R.F. (bones and raw food). There are all kinds of sites (and opinions) on the internet about...
  3. Shauna

    "Scooting" --Picture now available of Lola

    Hi, i'm a new Chi owner too. I am having such a fun time with her. My little Phoebe is 5 1/2 mo. old and 2 1/2 lbs. of snuggle bunny. She also did the scooting thing, but it has finally simmered down to very little now. I had a terrible time trying to find food that she would eat, and that...
  4. Shauna

    My New Stud Arrives next Friday

    Love your Chi's! If I didn't already have other little ones, i'd probably have more. I just got my tan/white girl the first of Oct. and she turned 4 mo. old. She is just adorable and a quick learner. Even though it's cold outside (Colorado), she still likes to be outside with her little...
  5. Shauna

    Who is heck is Jackson Brown ?

    Ahhh! Jackson Brown. Love his music. I use to drive back and forth from Denver, CO and it was great driving music. Just hoped that I didn't "run on empty" on the trip.
  6. Shauna

    What is your favorite feel good movie?

    My all time favorite is Where the Red Fern Grows. I'm probably giving my age away, but I was a kid when I first saw it. Others are: Man from Snowy River The Love Letter w/Jennifer Jason-Leigh It's a Wonderful Life w/Jimmy Stewart
  7. Shauna

    Free website..... SITES?

    You could try I have a small site there with my own domain name on it, and it is free.
  8. Shauna

    mare's neck sore a week after vaccines????

    I'm sorry your mare is not feeling well and hope she is better soon. I know this won't help now, but maybe down the road it could, but I had a mare that would get sore and develop a lump with fever in it about 1-2 days after the shot in the neck two years in a row. She was really good about...
  9. Shauna

    Any ideas what this might be?

    Hi Terri, This sounds like what my filly has. I do believe that my filly is doing better as she is walking around now and don't appear to be in much pain walking now as she was. She isn't hiding like she was either. Hair is starting to grow back in the bare patches too. I'm thinking (hoping...
  10. Shauna

    Any ideas what this might be?

    Thank you for your replies. She has had it for about 12 days now. She is in a dry lot with a run in for shelter. The sores are dry and very flaky, no oozing. They appear to be very tender, but itchy. As it progresses, the hair falls out, so no hair on the bad spots. It looks like it is the...
  11. Shauna

    Any ideas what this might be?

    Hi all, I have a coming 3 yr. old filly that has come down with some kind of skin problem. She is currently on antibiotics and waiting for the results of test. She is painful enough that it hurts her to walk. She is eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom normal. No feed changes, no...
  12. Shauna


    Hey Bess, Love your story. I have two female Minpins and just love them to death. However, I agree they are not for everyone. The are a very determined headstrong breed and would spend every second with their people if they could. They fully take advantage of whatever you let them get away...
  13. Shauna

    Burger King TV ad

    Hi, I haven't seen the new BK ads yet, but one of the first ones that I saw was where he was in bed with that guy. I thought it was pretty creepy. I think it's all in that silly grin on the face of the mask that really sets the feelings in gear. My personal favorite was the one where he is...
  14. Shauna

    new TINY kitten

    Hi Laura, I handfed 3 kittens from about 1 1/2 weeks old. What a chore, but worth it. I'd do it again. But, since yours is about 3-4 weeks, she should be pretty easy. Mix canned food and kitten formula (Walmart has it) together to make it soupy. If it don't take too it, put the food on...
  15. Shauna

    New Puppy

    Hey, Congrats on your new little puppy. How about an Australian - Western name of Quigley (Down Under??) Just came to me. I really like that movie. : Keeping my fingers crossed that you get to keep him.
  16. Shauna

    Absolutely steaming mad......

    We also have that policy here in Colorado. It's called the Safe Haven Act. I do believe that if there was more education in the schools, as to what is available, there may be less deaths. I do think that I heard in the last couple of weeks, that a bill was passed or in the process of, for...
  17. Shauna

    Our new puppy

    Hi, just saw your post and wanted to add mine. I have two little female MinPins and just love them. They are very entertaining and command your time just like little kids. My neighbors have 3 and I just fell in love and had to have some of my own. Enjoy yours!
  18. Shauna

    Show off those Pintaloosa minis

    Here's mine.
  19. Shauna

    What Are Your Favorite Breeds of Dogs

    Large breed is the Labradors. These two in the pics belong to my husband, although we have both had several of them. As far as small breeds, i've only had two different ones. One was the Pugs, which I still have a 16yr. old fawn. Lost the black one last year also 16 yrs. old. I also...
  20. Shauna

    Help me with a barn name for my new boy PLEASE

    Hi Whitney, Wow, he's very pretty! Just a thought. If you don't go with something that has to do with his color, you could call him Titan. Very manly name.