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    where are you

    I'm in Benton, IL. I don't have any mini donkey's, yet. but a friend has 2. Love 'em!
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    Question on value of used things.

    I always start with eBay and click on "completed transactions".
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    IF You Could Pick a Different FIRST Name, Would You? (POLL)

    I think my name is common and boring. Mary My middle name is even worse. Caroline I was named after both of my grandmothers.
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    Those that live in Southern Missouri

    go to and plug in the city or town you want more info on. It has every statistic you can imagine. Mary
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    Horse feeding myths and misconceptions

    YUP! Listened to a nutritionist from Purina say vitually the same thing the other night.
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    And still MORE on NAIS I found today

    My BP is so high at the moment I'm about to have a stroke.
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    Just saw this NAIS info this morning

    This is NOT Europe or Russia! This still the US of A. We still have rights and freedoms. NAIS will remove all of that. And yes, small farms and organic producers are next. Already, food importers do not have to list country of origin. That is voluntary. GMO foods do NOT have to be...
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    sale board sale

    I recently posted some miniature halters for sale on this sale board. I had two serious offers, I thought. The person I gave the nod to has never sent me the money. Unfortunately I have removed all my old emails so I have no way of contacting either person. I am hoping the person who said he...
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    Buying a stud, Maybe??

    Hi. I'm the person Kaykay just referred too. Can you PM me with some details. I am especially interested in the seller. also, tell me some more about his bloodlines and disposition. Hope to hear from you soon. Mary
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    possible cure for the itchies

    Every year my horses drive themselves and me crazy with their rubbing against anything and everything to ease their itching from fly bites. Fly spray only helped a little. I've tried everything from WD-40 to Tea Tree Oil. I think I finally found an answer. I have a filly with a compromised...
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    Need help moving a recliner

    We need help getting a lift recliner moved from KC, MO to central IL. My late Father-in-Law had a very good lift reliner. My husband's health is decling rapidly and his siter told him he could have the recliner if we can get it from there to here. Sister and family cannot take the time to...
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    Anybody know about Caspian horses?

    Thank you, Kaykay. Rabbitsfizz, if you have nothing nice to say about the Caspian, please keep quiet. As an owner, breeder and past President of the Caspian Society of the America's, I think I know a little about the disposition of a Caspian. A kinder, gentler horse, or pony, will not be...
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    A New Direction for Costume Classes

    I'm all for it at the larger national level shows. Those cutesy costumes are OK for local shows ,but if you're going to spend the money to show at the national level then spend the money for a classy outfit. The Arabian Native Costume class is one of the largest draws at any and all of their...
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    My biggest PET PEEVE

    I'm going through this right now with a mare I'm trying to sell. Woman and her daughter came down, spent 4 hours here. We had a wonderful evening talking. The horse and daughter seemed to click. didn't hear from her for a few days. I emailed inquiring if they had made it home OK. Got a...
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    Making Stall Curtains

    I ordered mine from JC Penney. I got the poplin curtains in my stable colors, along with the valances and tie backs. If I remember correctly, I got enough to do 3 12 foot walls for less than $600.
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    wheelbarrow or muck bucket w cart?

    I too use the big Rubbermaid cart. I also have a wheelbarrow and prefer the Rubbermaid. I don't want anything that has to be lifted and that you have to do with the muck bucket. I've found the cart at all the farm supply stores and ocasionally at Walmart. They are not cheap but I've had mine...
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    What would I show Secret......

    Can you post a picture or PM me a picture of Secret? I have Caspians and and some people believe the Timor may be descended from the Caspian. Mary
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    Selling House

    I think you'd better talk to an attorney.
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    Proposed "Nat'l Animal Id System

    Disease control is right! Have no fear, once your animal's are tagged the USDA will not hesitate to confiscate every animal on your farm and destroy them needlessly if THEY think there is a problem in your area. This is BIG BROTHER and he needs to be shot right now.
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    Knockneed rescued foal...anything that can be done

    I had 2 crooked legged foals this year. One like yours with the knock knees and the other so bow legged his legs almost formed a perfect circle. The knock knees took about 6 weeks to straighten, the bowed legs straightened in 8 days. Both have very correct legs now.