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  1. dawnsminis

    Free Feeding Hay..............

    Hi, I agree with Laura...that's what I do.
  2. dawnsminis

    He's Here He's Here He's Here!!!!!

    He is so beautiful!!!
  3. dawnsminis

    Your favorite all around vitamin

    I was looking at this one today. I like that it can be broken into 4 mini blocks.;pf_id=0029638
  4. dawnsminis

    How much hay do you feed in the winter

    Mine get free choice grass hay. It ends up being total of (4) flakes through the night, for (3) horses. I put out the same amount during the day; but they usually don't eat it all, since they are out during that time.
  5. dawnsminis

    comments on these feeds

    I was wondering about that too. I've never been able to find "the right thing." They are too wound up & mean on the ration balancer I have them on now. It's a good product (seminole equalizer) but I don't think I like the 32% protein...they have never behaved like this before & I know that's...
  6. dawnsminis

    comments on these feeds

    just bumping this up
  7. dawnsminis

    comments on these feeds

    I've been looking at both of these feeds for quite awhile now. I was hoping some of you might have tried both. Which one do you like better & why? Thanks!
  8. dawnsminis


    Mine are size b, around 400 lbs. The two horses are 7 yrs old & the donkey is 5 yrs. I take them for daily jogs on my golf cart (2 miles) but that's about the only work they get. We plan to train one to pull a cart before long. Here is the link to the one I'm using; they'll be getting 1/2...
  9. dawnsminis


    I just started a ration balancer a week ago, which is 32% protein. Now, I'm afraid to use it...i have heard about the "too much protein thing" before & have always been leary. I wish I knew for certain.
  10. dawnsminis

    For those that feed grass hay ONLY

    I would love to do grass hay only, but mine look forward to those 2x a day feedings & stand at the gate (even though they only get a handful) just to keep them happy. What to give them instead of? I thought about a bit of carrots & apples with their boss. They get the minerals/salt too.
  11. dawnsminis

    anyone use Seminole feeds or supplements?

    Yes, I've used Seminole products & feeds. I like them & they're made here in FL.
  12. dawnsminis

    Anyone ever use Neosporin????

    I do and it works great...heals very fast! I've always used it for us and it works just as well for the animals. Also, I've found that vitamin e oil is very good. If you have a bad/deep cut where the hair won't grow back, put the vit e oil on after it's healed from the will...
  13. dawnsminis

    Changing Feed

  14. dawnsminis

    TC Lite vs Nutrena Litebalance

    Thnaks for the replies. I think i'll probably go with the TC Lite. I was leaning towards that one anyway. I'm sure the Litebalance is a good product too. More comments please...
  15. dawnsminis

    TC Lite vs Nutrena Litebalance

    Has anyone tried both of these? If so, which one do you like better? I want to try it for my guys, but undecided which one. Any comments?
  16. dawnsminis

    Watch those cattle panels...

    I don't know if this will help your horse, but it's worth a try. One of mine got a real bad deep cut about 4 in long. I waited & the hair never started growing back. Someone told me to put vitamin e oil on it. Within no time at all, the hair grew back over the scar & I didn't even do it...
  17. dawnsminis

    Gelding young colts

    I read in Perfect Horse magazine that you should wait until 1 yr old. He said because you want him to have that masculine neck & head. I would never geld before 1 yr....i remember something about them having feminine characteristics if done too early. Some might not agree, but I'm just...
  18. dawnsminis

    How do you train to run behind a golf cart?

    I've been regularly exercising mine on our electric golf cart for 6 yrs now. They love it so much & so do I. I've never had any accident or problem with it. I started them when they were very young. I don't put anyone behind, but one on each side. There really wasn't anything to it, they...
  19. dawnsminis

    What brand do you feed?

    Just oats and vita-plus vitamin mineral supplement with boss, flax seed (sometimes beet pulp.)
  20. dawnsminis

    How can I get him to

    slow down when he's eating? My gelding eats so fast & will eat the others' feed when he's done, unless I have his halter on & hold him back. I get tired of doing that... I guess I could feed him seperately; is there anything else??? He's just a greedy little pig!