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  1. My other fur babies

    My other fur babies

  2. splash's mom

    dog food

    I'm so glad he went to a good home! Ok I'm done hogging Ashley's thread. Sorry Ashley, back on topic, when I put Hershey On the blue buffalo, I had just got him, he came with the food he was on but was having diarrhea everywhere and all Kinds of stomach upsets. He was 2 at the time. I know...
  3. splash's mom

    dog food

    Not to steal the thread but is that Lancelot in your Avatar New Mini ? I just love him. Is he still full of spunk? My friend had him over the winter, awhile back, she was considering buying him but changed her mind. I wanted him in the worst way but had to keep repeating to myself. "No more...
  4. splash's mom

    dog food

    I feed Blue Buffalo grain free turkey & potatoe sensitive digestion to my 2 labs. Pricey, but I'm happy with the results. They keep a nice weight, nice coat and no gas
  5. splash's mom

    Set Your DVRs -- The Walking Dead

    You're either the "butcher or the cattle" Loved it?
  6. splash's mom


    My husband has a hand held blower for drying his motorcycle after he washes it . It works great on the minis especially when they are heavy in winter coats. It doesn't dry them per say, but it will totally blow the dirt off them. It was $80 on ebay. I have since taken it over. ; ).
  7. splash's mom

    Help! Dog Allergies

    Ok He is 1 year old as of May 30th. He came to me already itchy. He has red hives all over his body. They started under his belly and inside back legs but have now spread all over. I switched his food to Blue Buffalo sensitive formula salmon & potato. No grains etc. he does not get any chew...
  8. splash's mom

    My New colt

    I know you asked for "Sundance" in the name but how about "Solar Eclipse " barn name could be Sol for short.
  9. splash's mom

    Help! Dog Allergies

    Tested negative for mange. Had the skin scraping done.
  10. splash's mom

    Help! Dog Allergies

    Hi Dr. Taylor, He had the blood test. I have had him since May 30th. Started him on Benadryl first.( 6 per day) Kept the itching down pretty well, but didn't stop the hives all over his under carriage or the hair falling out. Did a course of prednisone & antibiotics next, cleared everything...
  11. splash's mom

    Help! Dog Allergies

    To my friends on the forum. I need your help. Here's the back story. I took in a chocolate lab from a family that didn't want him anymore. I couldn't understand why they would give a way such a beautiful good boy, until the constant scratching started and hair was falling out in buckets.( They...
  12. splash's mom

    Picture of my boy!

    More pictures please!
  13. splash's mom

    Brooke the clipper girl seminar

    Had a great time at the clinic. You guys are right, Brooke is awesome. She is so nice and down to earth. What an amazing life she has traveling all over the world. She just got back from New Zealand. And boy is she fast at clipping horses!! I learned some great tips and tricks. So much more...
  14. splash's mom

    Brooke the clipper girl seminar

    Hope this is ok to post here. Is anyone in the New England area going this Saturday? It would be nice to meet other mini owners in the area. Alison
  15. splash's mom

    Hawk trailer for minis?

    I have a Hawk full size and I love it. I couldnt go the mini route because I still have my quarter horse. I like the extra space for my carts and the 2 minis all fit in it nicely. Of course if I ever expand on my mini head count my carts might wind up in the back of the truck
  16. splash's mom

    Need Ideas (Very Long and sad)

    I'm so sorry for your loss. My friends big horse had EEE and passed away this summer. Symptoms were very much like you described. He walked in circles then fell over right thru the fence. From first symptom ( colicky) to put down was 2 1/2 days. If they are checking your poor guy for rabies...
  17. splash's mom

    December's book-of-the-month is....

    Ok I'm going to add my two cents on this author even though you didnt ask for it ha, ha. I havent read Dean Koontz in awhile. He's started using way too many adjectives & adverbs for my reading patience. Does anyone else feel like he's trying to make a higher page count with them? I like his...
  18. splash's mom

    Twisting foot while moving

    My mini Splash does this. right hind. He does have a weak rear end build that i feel contributes to this. That being said, I do drive him every where without a problem. When he's hooked and pulling he tracks straight without twisting. Weird, but he does. You said you were looking at this horse...
  19. splash's mom

    Paralyzed Dachshund

    Don't Give up the ship yet, We have a mini dachshund Dasher. He hurt his back and was also paralyzed. We had to hold him up to pee & poop. I really didnt think he was going to make it, so much so that I made my husband take him to the vet alone. I couldnt handle it if they were going to put...
  20. splash's mom

    Training Help Please

    Thank You Lori, I will give these suggestions a try. I think that he can give me a better walk than what I am getting now. And you are correct when you say that it may not ever be stellar. I have to realize that as well. He's 6 this year and I spent the first year that I've owned him just doing...