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  1. sihri

    Contest! Share Your Mini Horse Photos!

    Our girls Midnyte Magick Champagne Irish Mist Midnyte Magick Aurea Midnyte Magick Elena
  2. sihri

    AMHR look up.

    I was looking for pedigree information on ML champagne Charlie sire: Walbon Stike Em Out Dam: Valhalla Farms Just a Mirage. I have some of the pedigree but need additional information.
  3. Midnyte Magick Elena

    Midnyte Magick Elena

  4. sihri

    biting lice advice

    Thankyou for the information It is very helpful and I will burn the hair that I clipped from the horses again and try preventative lice powder in the fall. I have not tried that but have done everthing else I could think of or could find on the lice. As I also do not like using chemicals every...
  5. sihri

    biting lice advice

    Sorry made a typographic error in my last post. It's the champagne mare that I got in 2012.
  6. sihri

    biting lice advice

    Ok so far only 1 has it. I got 2 more horses to clip all had worming with ivermectin last sunday and I have treated with the lice powder and will be changing to the other lice treatment (different mode of action with the active ingredient) for this sunday. I have owned this farm for over 20...
  7. sihri

    biting lice advice

    In august of 2012 I got a new mini mare. She was checked and had a healthy appearance. In spring of 2013 she had biting lice which I treated her and her buddy along with the barn. I have 2 small barns. Well the lice has appeared again and I am treating again. So far it is isolated to the barn...
  8. sihri

    Shaving the mini for showing

    There is more than just beauty and showing for clipping our minis. During the spring lice love our minis nice furry coat. With the fluxuating temps of May the minis could get too warm sweat and then the cold evenings and there will be less of a chance of your mini getting a hair impaction due to...
  9. sihri

    Difference in temperment between ponies and minis?

    I have been fortunate to bonded wth 4 horses in my life 2 arabians, 1 morgan and my current buddy a mini stallion. My son at age of 7 has bonded with 2 mini mares and a blm yearling mustang. Go see him if he is the horse for you will feel it and he will know it too. Do not get to hyped over...
  10. sihri

    What Is The Future For The Miniature Horse?

    I am a small miniature horse farm and have produced 2 foals and hardshipped my champagne miniature mare. Because of the current market I have not been able to sell so did not breed for 2014 and do not think I will for 2015 either until one of my fillies sells for the correct price for the...
  11. sihri

    Almost a yearling! (Toyhorse Charmers Topaz)

    I read about charm and topaz and I was sorry to here what happened to charm as I almost considered buying her from the miniature breeder who had charm prior to where you got her from. I am glad to here she has a good home now. It seems 2013 was the year for spunky chestnut fillies as I also have...
  12. sihri

    AMHR look up please

    I do have a registration of the dam for Gold Seal Miniature horse registry Corp 4 G's Carmen is unknown 4 G's Outlaw is by 4 G's Midas Brook Panda and out of 4 G's Joshs Silver Icie which if this is correct are registered with AMHA. I've checked with some Ichr breeders and it could be a new...
  13. sihri

    AMHR look up please

    Sire is winding creeks lil hoss I do have a copy of his temporary AMHA registration
  14. sihri

    AMHR look up please

    I am trying to see if I can hardship my champagne filly with AMHR her sire is registered with AMHA but there seems to be a problem with her dam Winding creeks Annie Oakley she is 4G breeding and I know there were some registry problems with this breeder Her pedigree is. Sire 4 G's outlaw Dam...
  15. Misty


    My son's champagne miniature filly
  16. Aurea


    Our 2013 filly
  17. sihri

    Post and share your 2013 foals!

    We had our only foal for 2013 june 2nd. A filly, (Midnyte Magick Aurea) chesrtnut/ sorrel? I have had chestnut foals in large horses but this girl is different, she has pink skin. Her eyes are a dark blue grey, coat is an iridescent apricot color and has a dorsal stripe. Any suggestions on her...
  18. sihri

    AMHR look up

    I am lookinh to find out if Winding Creeks Little Hoss is registered with AMHR. He is a chestnut pinto by Raiders Hi Ho Henere and out of Rocky Tops Little Cresendo. I believe he is/was registered with AMHA. This is all the info I have on him. Thankyou.
  19. sihri

    registering a foal ??

    TP I am in a similar situation only I purchased the stallion. I may now have an expensive unregistered gelding and a show guality filly who may never be able to be shown or registered by him. I can also tell you that the registry probably will not be of much help even if you have the...
  20. sihri

    Amha/Amhr look up.

    Thank you for your help. There is no need for you to look up his parents as you have just answered everything I needed to know. Thanks again.