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  1. Zipper

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    Received my parcels yesterday. I opened them of course They were the 1st and 2nd books Kit Ehrman, in the Steve Cline Mystery. Thank you very much Jody, I haven't read them and cant wait to sit down a read them. Merry Christmas.
  2. Zipper

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    HollynIvysMomma, glad you liked your stuff. I went back and got myself one of the solar lights. I thought they were so cute.
  3. Zipper

    Blue Eyes...

    Will he have to wear eye protection all his life I have never heard of a blue eyed horse having to have protection for seeing or is it just cause he is a baby and not used to it?
  4. Zipper

    Secret Santa GOT GIFT THREAD!

    I sent mine out today expedited. They said 4 days to get there so next week.
  5. Zipper

    2013 LB Christmas card Exchange!

    I would love to join again this year.
  6. Zipper


    I love anything horse related. I collect snowman I love mugs to drink out of. I will be happy with anything. The only colour I don't like is red. I have weanlings right up to draft size miniatures. I love appy's and pinto's.
  7. Zipper

    I have another secret. ;-)

    Great gift. Cant wait to see better pictures of him.
  8. Zipper


    email sent
  9. Zipper


    loved watching you and your husband and your horses and your dogs. Well deserved brag.
  10. Zipper

    Draft Miniatures

    Thanks to the people that answered me by private message.
  11. Zipper

    Moments that make me proud.

    Congratulations and glad for you and your daughter.
  12. Zipper

    Draft Miniatures

    Could someone tell me who the people were that showed in the draft miniatures at halter or anyone that raises them. Thanks
  13. Zipper

    Our 2013 Foal :)

    He is beautiful. I love bays. They show so nice to and easier to keep clean.
  14. Zipper

    Handlers during the class?

    I hope if I am showing and doing something like that someone tells me what it looks like so I can become more professional looking. I love watching the people that show their own horses and give them credit and when they win that is awesome compared to a pro handler. I am not passing judgement...
  15. Zipper


    When I wean I put the foals in a pen and the mares next to them and they can smell each other thru the boards or talk to each other close without screaming. I just give the mares hay and half the amount of water for 3-4 days and I have never had a problem and no one seems stressed.
  16. Zipper

    2013 AMHR Nationals Sept. 5 to 15 ♥ LIVE FEED ♥ Watch here!

    How come the kids are not wearing helmets when they are driving?
  17. Zipper

    Round Bales

    I feed round bales to all my minis and love them. I have cattle feeders and we just too the legs off of them and they sit on the ground and we tie a tarp over the top and the minis free feed. The first bale went pretty fast but once they know the hay is there all the time they leave it.
  18. Zipper


    I am glad that some people can get their mini reg. so that they can show at shows that allow WCMHR as there are breeders out there selling their minis cheaper without their papers or some people aren't bothering to register their foals as the market has dropped. lots of WCMHR horses have just...
  19. Zipper

    Gray's Auction

    Did anybody post a list of the prices from the sale?
  20. Zipper

    Round Bales...How long do they last?

    I went completely big bales this year and one pen has 6 minis and it lasts about 2weeks, the other one has 10 or so and it last a week. They are on free feed and have ate more this winter but we didn't have the sun this winter.. They do waste some but I like that they have something to lay on...